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Weep with Me

I know I’ve just posted, but … With all the shittiness of the recent terror attacks, in Manchester, in Kabul, in Egypt, in London, and in other places around the world, I feel wordless. Yet two different things have helped. … Continue reading

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Telling the Bees

Recently I have been listening a lot to the band Big Big Train – Mr FD introduced me to them – in fact I have their music on continual loop in both cars! Lots of their songs are lovely, but … Continue reading

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Act N° 20 (2017): REACT

On a day when we are considering yesterday’s events in London, when a man ploughed his car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before crashing into the barrier at Parliament, knifing and killing an unarmed police officer and then attacking other … Continue reading

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Acts 16, 17 and 18 (2017) – Catching Up on my thoughts.

Goodness me! I’ve slipped behind with my blog posts on 40 Acts – but I think I have reasonable excuses… Monday I was working all day, and when I got home I did some more cleaning. Then I ate a … Continue reading

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What can we say?

Another attack on innocent people – men, women, children, Christian, Muslim, atheist, – the world pours out its sympathy, with messages of support all over Facebook, news reports unpicking every detail and examining all the facts. Yes, it is terrible. … Continue reading

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Cancel Christmas!

It’s funny how the deaths of famous people affect others differently. David Bowie died at the beginning of the week, and I thought for a moment “That’s sad” – because the death of anyone, especially through bastard cancer, is sad … Continue reading

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Pray for Paris…and the world.

I’m sure there are none of you who are not aware of the terrible events of Friday night in Paris. I didn’t want to let the moment pass without making a comment – but had no idea what to say. … Continue reading

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