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40Acts2015: Catching up again!

Yesterday’s Act, and meditation was one that really captured my imagination – and shocked me. I suppose it shouldn’t have done so, really, as I did – on an intellectual level, at least – know that there are Christians the … Continue reading

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40Acts2015: Tick list or sacrificial giving?

40Acts have rather gone by the wayside recently, as I have found them difficult to do – not necessarily because they are challenging, but because they aren’t terribly practical (in the sense of what we’re being asked to do). I … Continue reading

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Pause In Lent

This is a bit of a cheat – it’s the sermon I preached this morning… I hope you find it interesting. I’m sure we all make promises ~ to ourselves, to God, to other people. And I’m sure that we … Continue reading

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40Acts2015: Act N°27: Widen Your Circle

source Your group, your clique, your club, your ‘gang’, your crowd. It’s great to have a core circle of friends, but it’s probably even better to open it up to include others. Who knows? You might end up with a … Continue reading

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40Acts 2015: Act N°26: Bearhug (Do I have to?!)

Sometimes words just won’t do, and for those moments the hug was invented. It’s the most effective and simple way to say a truck load of things: “hello”, “I appreciate you”, “you’re loved”, “feel better”, or just “you’re comfy” to … Continue reading

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40Acts2015: Act N° 25: Serve the Server

Not many inspirational thoughts today, I’m afraid. People who serve us are everywhere – shop assistants, waiters, baristas, maintenance people – but what happens when we offer something back? This is about turning the tables in a nice way and … Continue reading

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40Acts 2015: Catching up…!

Well, it’s been a busy few days and while I’ve mostly kept up with the 40 Acts I’ve not really kept up my blogging about them. But actually, I think that’s okay, because the aim is to act, not necessarily … Continue reading

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