Cooking with Cats.

Just to raise a smile on a Monday morning!




A couple of weeks back I posted that Pomme had to have tablets for her heart for the rest of her life. Giving them to her has been stressful for both her and us – we tried wrapping her like a burrito, but she escaped; we tried hiding it in food, but she ate round it…finally we found the best way was coating the tablet in butter, then with Mr FD behind the sofa, me holding her against the back and trying to keep her paws in order (as she clung to the back of the sofa) Mr FD would force her mouth open, dropping it to the back of her throat, holding her mouth closed and stroking her throat.

Although this was upsetting her, it seemed to be the most successful way of getting her pills down. Until we were tidying up yesterday, ready for Friends Cathy & Richard coming for a meal, when I found a stash of two tablets under the cushion, and then later another one hidden in the corner of the sofa! The little minx had been spitting them out later.

Then, yesterday, I found a pot of chicken livers for 1€, so I thought this would be a nice treat for the Poor Cats. I was cutting up the liver and – as usual – Pomme was there, watching my every move, hoping for a titbit to be offered. As she hadn’t had her pill that day, I thought about trying to hide it in a morsel of liver, which I did. Pomme ate the liver, and spat out the tablet….so I tried again…Same result. But meanwhile the pill was getting slightly soggy and liver-y so I tried again (offering morsels of unadulterated liver betweentimes) and this time – SUCCESS!! The pill went down unnoticed. Offered another piece of liver to make sure she’d eaten it, Pomme ate that too.

So this morning, having not given all the chicken livers to the cats last night, I did the same thing – made the tablet a bit soggy with liver juice, popped it inside slits in morsels of liver, picked it out when refused, put inside next bit etc etc until it went down unnoticed! As liver isn’t great for cats we can’t give her too much, but as it seems a good way to get the tablets into her, we may continue with the method.

I think this is Pomme’s modus operandi:

Cats and Tablets.

Our lovely Pomme cat is getting old – we don’t know exactly how old, but the SPA reckoned she was about 2.5 years old when we got her 13 years ago. Over the past year she’s been less mobile (but not by much) , more cantankereous and been eating more but not filling out.

Yesterday was her annual vaccination and check up. The vet said that she has renal problems and a failing heart. So she has to have different (expensive) food – though cheaper on Amazon than at the vets – and a daily tablet. Hey ho.

We started yesterday with a worming tablet. Crushed up in tuna, she carefully ate around the bits of tuna with the tablet on, and devoured the rest. So we put her “special” food on top – she ate some of the tablet. We’re not sure how much. Another cat ate the rest…but that won’t do them any harm, as it is only a worming tablet.

Today, the heart tablet was crushed and added to a prawn. Another prawn was offered first. Sniffed and licked…and rejected. Oh. That wasn’t even the one with the tablet in! We may have to think again…

I’m considering crushed tablet mixed into butter and then dropped into her mouth, or smeared on gums. She has no real choice then. But I think today’s tablet might have to be counted as a failure! There’s a video on YouTube about how to feed a pill to your cat, but quite frankly, the cat looks as though he’s been sedated as he is extremely cooperative. I can’t imagine many cats like that!

We’ve got to take her back in a month to see how she’s getting on…but we do know she’s not diabetic. Thankfully, we do have some emergency “cat” funds put to one side, as this may start getting a little expensive.


Here’s a Simon’s Cat to make us smile…


Here is Bib, looking miffed.

But why is she looking miffed?

Because of this:

This is Jasper sleeping in a box.

A few days ago, Michel across the road gave us some vegetables – half a marrow, some green beans, some parsley, and lots of new potatoes, all in a box. We ate the green beans, put the marrow in the fridge (I still haven’t used it), chopped and froze the parsley and left the potatoes in the box, on the work surface. We went into the kitchen a few hours later and found Bib ensconced on top of the knobbly potatoes and fast asleep.

She had claimed the box as her own! We reclaimed the potatoes as our own, but left her the box.

Unfortunately Jasper decided he liked the look of the box, and so now there is a constant turnover of cats going in the box. One claims it (currently Bib) but at one time or another needs to get out – to eat something, to stretch, to answer a call of nature, to go for a stroll – and then another one will hop in and mount a takeover bid! So far Jasper, Bib and Pomme have been fighting for ownership of the box. Millie isn’t interested.

PS I know we shouldn’t allow cats to loll on worksurfaces, but it’s difficult to keep them off, as the kitchen is their only access point to the balcony. Be assured we use chopping boards and anti-bac spray.