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It’s difficult to say…

…but while we are not giving up totally on George – we would, of course!, be delighted if he strolled back into our lives – we are agreeing that it is likely we have lost him. We still go onto … Continue reading

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Quelle histoire!

What a tale (and sadly not really ended). I left you with a bit of a teaser, which some people hoped was a precursor to a happy ending to the Story of George’s Escape. But no, I’m afraid not. This … Continue reading

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…and so it continues…

George is still missing. We are still searching. We still have our suspicions about this gentleman…BUT we insist to everyone that we are NOT accusing him of taking George. We only want to verify that his ginger/white cat is not … Continue reading

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Developments on the cat front

So, the story continues… Our friends, Monique & Michel, have joined us on the hunt. Michel is a little act-first-think-afterwards, and was ready for a full-on commando style raid on this guy’s home, but Monique persuaded him otherwise! Via a … Continue reading

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Chat Perdu

I am sitting here at midnight, typing this as I am unable to sleep. We are missing a cat, and have been since last Sunday… Lovely big George slipped out, we know not when, between Saturday night and Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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There is a line in Willy Russell’s play “Shirley Valentine” where the eponymous main character is waiting nervously for the taxi that is to take her away to Greece to start her holiday. She repeats the mantra “Tickets…passport…money…” to calm … Continue reading

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July in Books

Back again for a round up of what I’ve been reading recently…All on the Kindle in July. I have just given the spare room and our bedroom a good bottoming, as they say (my mum’s coming to stay!), so I … Continue reading

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