Complaining about plastic…

I didn’t hear back from M&S, after their anodyne answer (and my response to it!) Can anyone in the UK tell me if they know whether this promotion from M&S has been stopped/ has been successful? I would be interested to know.

On the subject of useless plastic, I bought a jar of instant coffee recently.

I took it off the shelf not really looking at it very closely. Until I got home: note the way the label goes right up to the top of the jar: it’s a plastic covering, which encases the entire jar in plastic. Encouraged by Kezzie, who is trying to persuade us all to think about our plastic use,  and taking on board her encouragement to think about the eight Rs for the environnment (one of her additions was: Research:  Not happy with something to do with waste?  Research a way to solve it! )

Well, I wrote to Carte Noir with the following:

Je m’excuse mon français, mais j’ai une question: en ces jours où nous essayons de réduire l’utilisation inutile de plastique POURQUOI Carte Noir Bio est-elle enveloppée dans une seule couche de plastique, qui ne peut pas être recyclée et est immédiatement jetée? C’est ironique que c’est bio café – essayer de consommer des choses qui sont bonnes pour notre santé tout en ajoutant à la montagne de plastique. Je suis desolé, mais je vais arreter d’acheter Carte Noir, jusqu’au vous arrêtez d’envelopper vos pots de café dans cet emballage en plastique inutile.

TR: I apologize for my French, but I have a question: in these days when we are trying to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic WHY is Carte Noir Bio  wrapped in a single layer of plastic, which cannot be recycled and is immediately discarded? It’s ironic that it’s organic coffee – trying to consume things that are good for our health while adding to the plastic mountain. I’m sorry, but I’m going to stop buying Carte Noir, until you stop wrapping your coffee pots in this useless plastic packaging.

I quickly received the stock answer:
C’est avec attention que nous prenons connaissance de votre message et nous vous remercions de votre intérêt pour la marque Carte Noire.
Nous prenons compte de votre insatisfaction et la  faisons  remontée auprès des services concernés.

TR: We have carefully read your message and we thank you for your interest in the Carte Noire brand. We will take your complaint to the relevant department.

Who knows what will happen. But at least I made a noise about it.

Is Carte Noir coffee in the UK wrapped in this single use plastic too? If so, could you write to the Customer Services dept to complain? It certainly doesn’t need to be wrapped up like this – it’s still got its foil seal at the top of the jar, so it isn’t to keep the coffee fresh!

5 thoughts on “Complaining about plastic…

  1. There are lots of bottled drinks and jars like this and it is stupid! Lucozade bottles are the same and I think perhaps Cadbury’s Instant Chocolate Drink. Lucozade makes me more cross because of that work colleague I’ve often moaned about who throws so much single-use plastic in the bin daily . She buys two bottles of 500ml Lucozade from the sweet shop daily and then bins the bottles without recycling. I fish them out daily. For a school term of 7 weeks, that is 70bottles a term (not counting weekends) and for a school year, that is 420bottles minimum. At least with the coffee, it makes multiple cups (even though it sucks). But, I shall endeavour to write to Carte Noire if I get a chances to visit the Supermarket. Well done for making a stand!x

  2. Hi.
    Re the small shop: firstly they are still available. They are given away in plastic packets. My ex mil gave me five which I promptly freecycled for kids who play shops. However, M&S are still actively marketing it. People are now swapping spares like trading cards etc to get the shop set.
    I told MIL we won’t use them in our house and she can choose to accept them or not, but it’s not contributing to our footprint.
    Thankfully Katharyn is above the age these things are aimed at.

  3. We’ve still got the M&S promo available here – it’s mostly a food store with some clothes. They aren’t doing well giving stuff away as so many of us don’t spend over £20 each time we shop there. We only go in to pick up the odd thing here and there, rather than do our main shop there. (They sell much nicer gluten free cakes – a lemon drizzle and coffee and walnut cakes)

    [We failed badly on the no new clothes in September over the last couple of days because this store was selling the last few things at 10% of cost and seriously, it was worth seeing if that bra fitted when it only cost £2.69 instead of £27.50 and I definitely need new bras that fit (I’ve gone dropped from a 34E to a 32E/F with losing weight). Plus I now have a smart white straw hat (£1.69) and my daughter bought a jade green linen shirt (in size 28) at £2.69, for the fabric. There’s no way we could buy that 2m plus of linen at that price.]

    L’Or coffee here does the same full coverage of plastic too. But it’s to cover the jar. And they are a nice shape so I’m saving the jars to fill with homemade sweets as Christmas presents. (Or use to store dry goods once the plastic or paper bags are opened.)

  4. My DD dropped her plastic glittery glitsy drink bottle the other day and managed to smash it, so it had to go in the bin. 😦 It only cost a couple of pounds to buy but it’s the whole thing of where do I put the rubbish! She has a metal one to replace it. I figured that it might dent but hopefully won’t break and it doesn’t have a sports cap so is easier to clean. I hate sports lids as no matter what you do they always get gunky 😦 The replacement should in theory last ages. Her Dad has a metal one which is covered in dents but is still usable, doesn’t leak etc – hence my thinking.

    I had to laugh as apart from my ex MIL I don’t know anyone who do a proper shop in M&S as it costs a fortune. Therefore, it stands to reason that the little shop promotion isn’t doing well. Apart from the whole plastics thing, people just can’t afford to do their weekly shops there!

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