Blog post

I’m aware that I appear to have dropped off the edge of the planet. I haven’t,(I don’t think!) but I don’t feel I have much to blog about at the moment. So here’s some snippets: SNIPPET 1: Sadly we had to say “Goodbye” to Pomme last Wednesday. Within a week she had deteriorated to a … Continue reading Blog post

Where am I?!

Yesterday I had a pause of about two hours between my meeting at the school where I work (starting again next week) and my private student’s lesson. So I sat in the car and I had my picnic lunch; then, as the weather was lovely, I went for a walk. There is a little lake … Continue reading Where am I?!

Jolly Holidays! 1

I feel I need to tell you about my holidays…Or rather, I feel I should documentr them as this blog is my version of a journal, so I keep it to remind me of events in my life. So, we set out to go to the Vendée department on Friday morning – the annual village … Continue reading Jolly Holidays! 1