I take quite a lot of medication – partly as a result of my cancer, partly for other problems – and I end up with quite a lot of waste from them. The boxes and instructions are easily recyclable, but it’s always pained me to throw away the blister packs. I can’t separate the foil … Continue reading Blisters…

To mask or not to mask…

That is, indeed, the question. Here in France, the wearing of masks is still compulsory in certain places, so wearing masks in public indoor spaces, including shops, cinemas, theatres, cultural sites such as museums and galleries and offices is still a requirement.They are also meant to remain compulsory in stadiums, queues, open air markets, busy … Continue reading To mask or not to mask…


Yesterday it was time for the annual vaccinations for Millie & Bib. These two are the most vocal when in the car, and Millie will race away as soon as she sees the carrier come out of its place. We usually get them out a couple of days before the trip, so she becomes a … Continue reading V-E-T-S

Memories of September 2018

Mr FD produced this powerpoint presentation to share with family & friends of our trip to Lake Orta and its environs after my treatment for breast cancer. This trip was financed by a dear friend who, having received an inheritance from her father (“more than I’d imagined, or need”) offered to pay for a holiday … Continue reading Memories of September 2018

Buen Camino!?

You may have seen this post before!! It somehow got retro-published but I thought that all my readers (because there’s so many of you!!) might like to read it… I am enjoying the 1000 kilometre challenge, and feel it has improved my fitness a little. I am not going out every day, whatever the weather, … Continue reading Buen Camino!?

First Day Back!!

I am rather late posting this, but it’s a little bit of a celebration, nonetheless: on 30th May we went back to church, in Real Life for the first time in quite some time. All through the pandemic, like so many churches, we have been finding out how to use Zoom, how to manage breakout … Continue reading First Day Back!!


I’ve been lucky enough to be working in a school one day a week this academic year – I am employed by a company called Cap English, who provide qualified English teachers for private schools and for after school clubs. We can’t work in public schools because we are not accepted by the Department for … Continue reading Skool