Zero before 60…

Regular readers may remember that back in January I gave myself a list of 10 things to do before my 60th birthday in October.

Picture me looking shame faced…

Here is the list and my progress so far:

  1. To “purposefully” walk 60 km a month
  2. Organise some kind of art show
  3.  Invite French friends for an English afternoon tea
  4. Visit a Llama farm
  5. Read my French novel
  6. Treat myself to a massage
  7. Spend one night in a Shepherd’s hut/ yurt/ tree house
  8. Go to an open air concert
  9. Write a will
  10. Take my two best friends here in France out for a cocktail or two


  1.  This came to a juddering halt somewhere mid-February. I have just started trying to do a Leslie Sansome mile-a-day but I’m not sure how long it will continue.
  2. The logistics of this defeat me. No idea what to do about it.
  3. One of my French friends has holed herself up after her husband’s death and isn’t going out. I’ve not got that many French friends, now I think about it… I WILL try to get this sorted, maybe for Odette and her daughter Céline..
  4. I’ve just begun to explore this again. I’ll ask Friend Cathy if she’s up for it.
  5. Yeah, right…
  6. This one isn’t actually too hard! I have picked up a card for a place not too far away. I just need to make some effort to book myself in…
  7. There’s a place not far away, which we’re thinking we might book for the Saturday night of the village fete (always a nightmare)
  8. I should have got my act together better – nuits de Fourvieres is nearly over. AND there were bands I’d’ve liked to have seen. Sigh. Not sure if I’ll manage this one…but I am going to a concert (indoors) just after my birthday!
  9. I know I should get on and do it…no excuses (or rather WE should get on and do it!)
  10. This keeps being put off. I can’t think why, it’s not that we’re not up for it!



I’d better go and do my ironing…


A time for crafting…

I’ve been hankering after some acrylic paints, but all that I’ve looked at have been a bit expensive. Finally,  I found a set in Action (nearly as good a shop as Noz!) a few days ago, which was 20 little tubes of acrylic paint for 3,99€. So I bought them, and a set of brushes. Then yesterday I idly started brushing “waves” of green and blue across a piece of watercolour paper. That in itself was very relaxing, as I listened to some music.

Then this morning, I listened to the BBC Late Night Prom with Public Service Broadcasting playing The Race for Space. At the same time I tore up pieces of the beautifully coloured Gudrun Sjoden catalogue and stuck them on to the page…a bit of stamping, some cut out words from old CD inserts, and some calligraphy and I ended up with

You can click on it to biggify, if you want to see it in more detail


I really enjoyed my time playing about with bits of paper and paint…I managed to get over my feelings of “it must be perfect” – I look online and find amazing pieces of art journalling and measure myself with those. I have a very vocal inner critic, unfortunately!

I need to do more of this, I think! The problem is I find it difficult to have a idea to start with. I need to find myself a theme, or something to inspire me. I really enjoyed my “Desiderata” series…

I’m not sure these are in the right order, but never mind!!

Keeping Cool

Bib has discovered that when I have my fan on, my desk is a good place to lounge on.

The trouble is she has no regard for the fact I have to work…my keyboard is in danger of falling off the desk! I am allowed only a tiny bit of space for my work; napping is so much more important, don’t you think?!

Book Review: The Long Road Home (***)

I am proud to be  aTwenty-five Reviews or More reviewer on Net Galley.


AND I’m a Top Reviewer, which means 3 or more of my reviews have been added to any NetGalley title details page by a publisher (I bet it wasn’t for any of my 1 star reviews!!)

So I was sent this e-book, free-of-charge (yay!) by NetGalley, in return for an honest review.So here it is


by JH Morgan

The NetGalley blurb reads:

Ain’t mispronouncing…

Ang, over at Tracing Rainbows, asked about words that one mispronounces even though you know the correct pronunciation. In Dormouse Towers we sometimes talk about “sanniches” and “tuffees” but not always.

However, on my shopping lists, there are two words I always spell incorrectly, even though I do know how to spell them (honestly!) These are “biskits” and “cat fud”. I don’t know why biscuits (see!) became “biskits”, but I can trace the “cat fud” back to this Gary Larson cartoon:


We loved Gary Larson, back in the day, and have several of his books. They are amusing to dip into from time to time.

And, just for fun, here’s another…

Yesterday’s sermon

If you should be interested, here’s a link to

  1. Christ Church, Clermont Ferrand’s website
  2. The website where we publish the “weekly message” (though not always weekly…)

During the summer, the Eglise Reformée, who own the building, have their Sunday morning services there, so we have to have our service at 17h30. Not terribly convenient for people like me, who travel from some distance to get here, but there’s nothing to be done.  Because many of our parishioners go home to visit family, or take the opportunity to tour Europe, during this time, we took the decision to only have services every other week. It’s not ideal, but it does mean that the service leader doesn’t spend hours preparing a service for two people.

Yesterday I was taking the service – the one Eucharistic service in July. My sermon is on the site “Oh Taste and See“, under the title “Being and Doing” If you go to read it, it would be nice if you left a comment, evenif it’s just saying “Hello”!

I can just imagine Martha saying “Those vegetables won’t peel themselves, you know!”