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Getting Creative

Two posts in one day! Goodness me – am I feeling okay? I wanted to show a card that I’ve just made for Isabelle (where we stayed the night we went to the David Gilmour concert) I used a tutorial … Continue reading

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David Gilmour in Nimes…and other doings

Okay, so this is where my attempt to split my blogs more cleanly falls apart!! View from the Teapot = “life in France” Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner (or not!) = “food related” But our few days away falls into both … Continue reading

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Herding Cats

I could have done with these boys earlier today… It is time for Millie and Bib to go to the vets for their booster jabs. I armed myself with two of our three cat baskets and went to find them … Continue reading

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Dormouse Doings 2

The first Dormouse Doings was published over at Fat Dormouse but I thought I could write one over here instead. I think I’m going to try to classify my two blogs better – this one more for “Life in a … Continue reading

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What can we say?

Another attack on innocent people – men, women, children, Christian, Muslim, atheist, – the world pours out its sympathy, with messages of support all over Facebook, news reports unpicking every detail and examining all the facts. Yes, it is terrible. … Continue reading

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Over on Kezzie’s blog she passed on the The Sisterhood of the World Awards Tag to anyone with an A in their name! That’s me (either in Fat Dormouse, or in my RL name) so I thought I would play … Continue reading

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Preaching again!

I’m leading the service next Sunday, and as today is a day with no lessons planned, I wanted to get ahead and plan the service… Of course, if something horrendous happens between today and Sunday things may change dramatically! I … Continue reading

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