Ready for the Off!

So, I’m off to the UK tomorrow. Leaving home at 8 am, my ferry is booked for 19.50 – leaving me lots of time to get lost in Paris. Eeep. I’m “doing” BlablaCar, which I’ve never done before. Picking up 3 women in Clermont Ferrand, taking one to Beauvais airport, where I’m picking up another passenger. She’s going to Calais, while the other two are being dropped off at Amiens. Hopefully, they’ll understand that I’m not very talkative in the car (marked myself as “Bla” in my profile) and that I’m actually very nervous about this drive. It’s the first time I’ve driven this route round/through Paris, so I’m worried about losing my way! Still, with GPS and Mr FD printing out all the instructions for the route I should probably be fine.

Then when I arrive in Calais I’ve booked a seat in the Club Lounge – which gives a complementary glass of wine & nibbles. No fighting the hoi polloi in the bar for me, thank you very much! I’m spending Monday & Tuesday nights at MiL’s (she lives near Dover), and then driving to Southampton, via Guildford, to meet a friend for lunch and then stay with another friend on Wednesday night. Then it’s off to Newbury!

Unfortunately, we’ve recently heard that numbers are way down – possibly to do with the recent terror attacks – so the “Dream Team” of 2015 will be reduced to two members instead of 3. Hawa will be teaching in Teens, and I’ve been asked to teach the low level Kids. Not at all my forte, nor what I’d done all my planning for, but needs must. David, the other teacher, is the Head of Kids, so he’ll have admin to do, as well as having other hats to wear, so I’ve got to be as flexible as possible. No whinging or whining. Hopefully Hawa will be able to advise, as she is the usual low level teacher, even though she’s not in Kids. Also, she will definitely be joining us for our Kids Dept Staff Meeting in the pub. It won’t be the same without her!!

Because of the low numbers, it may actually be that I won’t be employed for the whole 4 weeks. It’s not a huge problem if that’s the case – I’ll just go up and see mum, which I won’t otherwise have the opportunity to do.

So there you are! I think everything is packed (except my picnic for tomorrow) I just need to get it in the car now, & hope there’s room for my passengers’ bags too. I have pared down the teaching resources that I normally take – as most of them are for higher level students. I shall be searching t’internet frantically on Friday & Saturday planning for the week ahead!

I will try to pop in and post something at some time, but no promises are being made!