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Act N°37 (2017): CONTENT

Hey-ho. Another day where my back is ruling the roost… I have cancelled lessons again today. If it had been a drive-there-teach-there-drive-back day I think I could have managed, but on Wednesday it’s a drive-there-teach-there-drive-somewhere-else etc.etc.etc. day so I didn’t … Continue reading

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Acts N° 33 & 34 (2017): Forgive (2) & Flow

Hello dear Readers. I hope everyone is well. I am feeling rather full up, and not quite all-here, due to a long night’s consumption of beer and pork products. You can read about it over at Fat Dormouse But I’m … Continue reading

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Acts N° 25 & 26 (2017): Stuff & Grateful

Hello everyone. I hope things are going well for you in your corner of the world. We are a little bit sad/angry/confused/worried because of the final commencement of Britain leaving the EU (I hate the term “Brexit”, although it is … Continue reading

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Acts N° 23 (2017) & 24: BOOST & DATE

So here we are again! The sun is shining today and it’s a good day. I wonder what the people in the supermarket thought yesterday as I sang and (sort of) danced around the vegetable section to “Happy”as it was … Continue reading

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Act N° 21 (2017) & 22: Refuge & Origins

Hello dear Readers, I hope you are all well. I am thankful for emergency doctor’s appointments today – yesterday I could hardly walk because of the pain from the eczema on my feet, and when I went to the pharmacy … Continue reading

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Longest, highest, deepest.

I just thought I’d share this photo of mum, in a hard hat. We were about to go through the Standedge tunnel, on the Huddersfield Canal. We met up with my brother, and his family (that’s Ailsa, his wife, on … Continue reading

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A Year to embrace with confidence…

Another blogger, more skilled with words than I, has written: And so 2017 nears. A year to embrace with confidence. It may be a year when courage and patience will be much valued travelling companions. Calm or turbulent we are … Continue reading

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