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Act N° 20 (2017): REACT

On a day when we are considering yesterday’s events in London, when a man ploughed his car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before crashing into the barrier at Parliament, knifing and killing an unarmed police officer and then attacking other … Continue reading

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Acts 16, 17 and 18 (2017) – Catching Up on my thoughts.

Goodness me! I’ve slipped behind with my blog posts on 40 Acts – but I think I have reasonable excuses… Monday I was working all day, and when I got home I did some more cleaning. Then I ate a … Continue reading

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Pause in Lent N°3: Are you saved?

I’m joining in with Ang for A Pause in Lent: different bloggers, musing over Lent and what it means, or pondering something that has caught their attention, or how God has touched them this week. As you may have noticed, … Continue reading

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Act N°15 (2017): Influence & N°16: Beyond

Hello everyone. This is a catch up of the last two days’ Acts. ACT 15: INFLUENCE The prompt reads: We all have influence, even if we’re not aware of it. It’s not something reserved for limelight seekers. Influence is simply … Continue reading

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Act N°14 (2017): Boss

Just a quick one today, as I have LOADS of preparation to do, and a very nasty looking form (that I don’t understand) to wrangle with! Bureaucracy in English is bad enough – in a language one only has half-a-grip-on … Continue reading

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Act N°13 (2017) First Fruits

Yesterday was Chocolate Tuesday. I did indeed buy some bars of chocolate (PROPER bars of PROPER chocolate!) and a box of Ferrero Rocher. I gave the bars to my students, to the secretary/receptionist at Axalta, (the company where I teach … Continue reading

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Act N°12 (2017): Chocolate Tuesday!

It’s Chocolate Tuesday! Ever popular with 40 Activists it is the regular Chocolate distribution day… The year before last I found this tricky…I didn’t feel comfortable handing out chocolate to random strangers. I still don’t – although I did so … Continue reading

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