M&S plastic tat…the saga continues.

Just to let you know, I’ve updated the post about M&S’s “Little Shop of Tat” with the email I recieved from M&S in response to my complaint.

But with this email came another, asking me to rate the response I had received.

First a question: Based on the response to your query how happy would you be to have this advisor answer other questions? (or something like that) I said “5” – it wasn’t their fault that the standard company response was so bland.

Secondly: Based on the response to your complaint, how likely would you be to recommend M&S to your family and friends? I said “2”. Only based on their response however, which was rubbish. Also my family & friends don’t need me to recommend M&S anyway!

Then came the box, “Please comment further to say why you gave these ratings” So I did!!

I initially wrote to complain about the Little Shop promotion – how unnecessary it was, how the use of plastic in Plastic Free July seemed very cynical and unlike M&S high standards etc.

The email I received back did not really address my issues, but was so obviously a cut-and-paste standard reply (insomuch as it was written in two different fonts!) that I felt unsatisfied. I appreciate that you must receive hundreds of emails a day, and so it is difficult to individually answer each one, but when someone complains about something, they don’t wish to receive a reply which is not much more than promotional rubbish for the thing they are complaining about.

There was a promise that all feedback is monitored closely – I’m afraid this rang hollowly to me.

I have written about my feelings about this promotion, and the response I have received from you on my blog. I have received several comments of support, all expressing similar feelings to my own about the use of plastics (which,let’s face it, are not likely to be recycled) . And even if the packaging can be recycled, isn’t it better just not to have it? In the current climate of trying to reduce surplus waste I think M&S have got it spectacularly wrong.

I have rated the advisor as a “5” – it’s not their fault that the reply was so anodyne: I imagine that is company policy. However, I would like to object to the first sentence in their reply which actually makes no sense to me:” I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed with the way we are branching the Little Shop Promotion.” As far as I am aware, there is no verb “to branch” so it doesn’t make sense. I’m an English teacher and so badly written English like this does rather offend me. I assume it means “the way we are introducing the LSP into our branches…” but that’s only a guess.

What will happen next, I wonder…

5 thoughts on “M&S plastic tat…the saga continues.

  1. HI Alison, I still can’t believe that M&S have got iso wrong. I think that I told you about the use of plastic around Katharyn’s school shirts? All the packaging in store around nearly everything in the food-hall was black plastic – so non-recyclable. Everything was either shrinkwrapped or had clear plastic wrapping. The whole experience was mind-boggling for us both. KT was horrified by the amount of plastic. We only go into the foodhall with her paternal grandmother as that’s her food retailer of choice, but I think I might give it a miss next time we go shopping.

    On a separate note, KT received her monthly Nat Geo Kids magazine yesterday. It usually comes in a polythene wrapping and then the address sheet etc. They have changed their mailing so that the magazine comes in an envelope with no plastic wrap 🙂 Also, I think they have changed the paper on which they produce the magazine as it’s now non-shiney. It looks like recycled paper. I am currently trying to source unbleached paper but that doesn’t seem to be available yet for the general consumer.

    Let me know how M&S respond 🙂

  2. The whole thing is bonkers. I am sick of these stupid standardized responses. I’ve had that to ALL my packaging woes, esp the terrible Cadbury’s one. The trouble is that they are failing to address the issue. I still haven’t written but I will.

  3. Coles down here is doing their second promotion of tiny plastic imitations of goods for sale. Tawdry, cheap and nasty and in some cases I think they could be dangerous. Especially to a toddler who could easily choke. When I lived by myself, I had groceries home delivered. I signed up to receive the junk. Not because I wanted it but in order to immediately throw it out when delivered. A bit less, even a tiny bit less out there. People went crazy over the rubbish. Second promotion has just started. People are going crazy again. It is cheap and nasty and done not for customers but to increase Coles’ market share. And plastic? They get rid of their single use bags and then do something like this.

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