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Wot I did on my Holidays

Well…not exactly…as last week wasn’t really a holiday, but I thought I could give you an insight into the fun, fun, FUN things I do during the week. This week has been school holidays, so I haven’t been quite as … Continue reading

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Who Dares Wins…

After my last post, written on Wednesday morning, feeling scaredy about facing A after sending an email… Almost as I pressed “Publish” there was a ring on the doorbell. I (metaphorically) girded my loins and went downstairs. It wasn’t the … Continue reading

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A shout out for the Butcher in Carrefour!

(which may seem like a bizarre title for a post, but read on…) As you may know, as I’ve mentioned it a bit recently, I feed the poor cats who live near the HLM housing in our village. They came … Continue reading

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Conferences and cats

I think I mentioned that last weekend I was at the Convention of the Convocation of the Epoiscopal Church in Europe – we went to Munich and stayed in a very impressive Schloss that is now a Catholic Retreat & … Continue reading

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Gardening News.

Mr FD and I have been busy this morning – and we are feeling very satisfied! Despite the grey, overcast weather, we set to in the courtyard and on the balcony. Mr FD  planted two courgette plants, some carrot seeds … Continue reading

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Acts N°19 & 20

Act N° 19: DAILY GRIND: Our lives are often built around routines. People factor highly into those routines, but sometimes they become nameless and faceless as we concentrate on our own tasks and desires. Today we’ll take a moment to … Continue reading

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No Act today: Let’s go for a walk!

I would like to thank everyone who has made comments over this first 10 days of 40 Acts, either on my blog or on FaceBook. I really appreciate people taking the time to comment, to encourage, to engage with what … Continue reading

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