The morns are meeker than they were…

Together with the rest of the northern hemisphere I’ve been taking a few photos of autumn colour.

Yesterday was such a calm and warm day I felt I had to go out for a walk – even though my feet were hurting me quite a bit (not sure if it’s arthritis, tendonitis or something else!) I really wanted to go. So I rubbed Diclonofec onto the hurty bits, took a paracetemol and put on my trainers. I took the car to go about 5 minutes up the road to the woods above the village. St Just is in a dip, surrounded by hills, and as sawmills are one of the chief employers in the area, there are a lot of woods. Sometimes – like on my walk on Friday – you will take a well known path and suddenly find that great swathes of woodland have disappeared, giving a totally different feel to the walk!

IMG_2379St Just from the beginning of the walk. I decided to walk in one direction for 30 minutes, and then turn round to retrace my steps. So I just walked through the woods, which are full of  trails for the wood lorries, and when I reached a junction and decided which way to go, I left myself a sign showing the return journey:


Scouting for Boys has nothing on me!

The autumn colours were beautiful, and I tried to capture them on my little point-and-press camera. I don’t have much techy knowledge/understanding and I suspect it could do greater things than I have managed here, but never mind.

After about 40 minutes or so I reached an outcrop of rock, in dappled sunlight, so I sat for a while, listening to the near silence. I could hear the distant thrum from the motorway, and from time to time the hunters’ horns and dogs from another hillside, but mostly it was so quiet that I could hear the leaves falling. And it was so warm that even sitting still I had my sleeves rolled up.

But then I turned round I found my way back to where I’d parked. By the time I saw the little car waiting for me, I was feeling tired and sore. But it had been a lovely walk.



4 thoughts on “The morns are meeker than they were…

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and am immensely enjoying reading past posts. The one posted in September about your vertigo immediately cought my attention. There is a much better treatment available than being flung around.
    My husband had a heart block three years ago and suffered a terrible fall striking his head on the ceramic tile floor. As he recovered he experienced vertigo and was told that it would probably subside. It didn’t and several months passed before we saw an ear, nose & throat doc. He immediately diagnosed the problem and sent him to a physical therapist at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas. She had him lie on his back, examined him, and did a series of maneuvers rotating his head in order to reposition the “crystals.” His dizziness stopped and has not returned.

    If you wish, I will dig out the information from the medical school describing the treatment and send you a copy.

  2. I just read your September post about your vertigo. I sympathize with your misery and want to tell you of my husband’s experience. There is a much better treatment currently in use than being flung around. Three years ago my husband suffered a terrible fall and brain trama with resulting vertigo. He was treated at the University of Texas Health Science Medical School in San Antonio. The therapist had him lie down and did a series of maneuvers of his head to reposition the “crystals.” The vertigo stopped and has not returned. If you wish, I will send you information describing the procedure. Please let me know how to reach you.

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