Semi-gymnastics in the crypt!

A recent comment from Charlotte mentioned my vertigo attack, and she offered to tell me about a home treatment that worked for her husband. This reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned another good outcome from the Convention in Paris …I had another bout of vertigo while I was there, so arrived late for the Bishop’s address to convention (tut,tut!) In our group was a retired doctor, and when I told him why I was late he commiserated with me, as another sufferer, and then told me about a manoeuvre that had, he said, “changed his life”. Which sounds rather dramatic, but in fact, if you are a sufferer of BPPV I think youv would agree that if you can find a way to avoid the vertigo, then it does change your life!!

So during the Financial Reports section of the Convention, Lee took me down to the crypt, and showed me the “half somersault” manoeuvre which not-quite-instantly made everything seem less whizzy and dizzy. After another repetition of the manouevre I was almost back to normal, and after a third things were fine!

If you are a sufferer of BPPV and don’t know this then I would heartily recommend it as a treatment. It doesn’t involve being flung about, or hanging over the edge of a bed. Nor does it require 45 minutes of slow head-turning, which was the drawback of the other gentler home-treatment that I found.

Here is an explanation of how it works, and here is the full text, with explanations and comparisons with another home treatment.

Due to my arthritic knees I find kneeling very painful, but standing at the edge of the bed and placing my head on the bed seemed to work just as well for me. I can imagine that if an attack happened at work one could do similar movements using a desk, which is a lot less “attention drawing” than lying on the floor, rolling one’s head around!

I think I can safely say that this has changed my life, as when I do feel vertiginous (when turning over in bed for example) I no longer feel very worried, imagining that I may have another three or four days of extreme vertigo ahead, but think “well I can just do the half somersault and things will be fine!”

So, thank you Charlotte for your offer – I suspect that the treatment that your husband had was the same as this –  and for reminding me to share what I discovered. If the treatment was different, I’d be glad to hear about it!


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