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Act N°14 (2017): Boss

Just a quick one today, as I have LOADS of preparation to do, and a very nasty looking form (that I don’t understand) to wrangle with! Bureaucracy in English is bad enough – in a language one only has half-a-grip-on … Continue reading

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Act N°13 (2017) First Fruits

Yesterday was Chocolate Tuesday. I did indeed buy some bars of chocolate (PROPER bars of PROPER chocolate!) and a box of Ferrero Rocher. I gave the bars to my students, to the secretary/receptionist at Axalta, (the company where I teach … Continue reading

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Act N°9 (2017): Lean & N°10: Shared Spaces

Hello dear Readers. Once more, thank you for your comments, both here and on FB posts. I hope that people who are following 40 Acts are finding it inspiring and helpful, as well as challenging! As an update, I have … Continue reading

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Act N°6(2017): Listen & Act N°7: Undivided

Yesterday I was away from a computer all day, so didn’t really have time to blog about the Act. To be honest, it was a difficult one to get my head round…I think it might be one of those Acts … Continue reading

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Acts N° 3 & 4: Local & Real World

Hello everyone. I hope you’re well. I’m fine but a bit shaken up after an experience that left me looking like this Attractive, no? You can read about it in more detail on my other blog, Fat Dormouse I’ve spent … Continue reading

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And we’re off! Act N°1: Set Out

Excited to be starting 40 Acts, I am called on to pause & consider what holds me back and what I can offer. The Acts are: GREEN: Find a pen and two pages from a notepad. On the first page, … Continue reading

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Wot I did on my Holidays

Well…not exactly…as last week wasn’t really a holiday, but I thought I could give you an insight into the fun, fun, FUN things I do during the week. This week has been school holidays, so I haven’t been quite as … Continue reading

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