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Sunshine and shadows

On Thursday it was a bank holiday here in France, because it was Ascension Day – it seems strange to me that in a country so determined to keep religion and laicity so firmly separated in the state, most bank … Continue reading

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Wot I did on my Holidays

Well…not exactly…as last week wasn’t really a holiday, but I thought I could give you an insight into the fun, fun, FUN things I do during the week. This week has been school holidays, so I haven’t been quite as … Continue reading

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Longest, highest, deepest.

I just thought I’d share this photo of mum, in a hard hat. We were about to go through the Standedge tunnel, on the Huddersfield Canal. We met up with my brother, and his family (that’s Ailsa, his wife, on … Continue reading

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Dormouse Doings 2

The first Dormouse Doings was published over at Fat Dormouse but I thought I could write one over here instead. I think I’m going to try to classify my two blogs better – this one more for “Life in a … Continue reading

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Blessed are the Cheesemakers

16th May 2010 In 2010 we had a bit of a food-off. Our fiercely patriotic French friend would not concede that English cheese and paté could possibly be as good as the equivalent French produce. So Steve & Cathy – … Continue reading

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Killer Katerpillars!

Isn’t it odd which posts get attention? Quite a lot of people have viewed the post about crisp flavours, & opinion is divided over the goat cheese crisps…Maybe I should try them instead of knocking them! Otherwise life is pootling … Continue reading

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Secret messages…and an intriguing mystery

FIRST SECRET MESSAGES… There has been something in the Guardian recently about the hidden/filtered messages on FaceBook. I followed the instructions given in the article and found a lovely message from the 40 Acts team from 2014 – my first … Continue reading

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