Wot? Already?!

How can it almost be Lent? We’ve only just had Candlemas!

For the last few years I have followed  and blogged about 40 Acts with great pleasure: you can read some of my posts here(from last year), here from 2016 – it’s a long post! – here from 2015 (showing that sometimes I really don’t want to do the acts!), and also here from 2014.

I have always enjoyed doing 40 Acts – their site gives more information, and as Ang explains on Tracing Rainbows Everyday, throughout Lent, this means I will receive an encouraging message and a passage for reflection each morning, and a challenge to generosity. 
Instead of ‘giving up’, it is about giving out, giving back and giving away.
God has given me so much, and so this is a great way of being generous to others. Each day there is a choice of 3 challenges in varying levels of “difficulty”. The challenges vary – some requiring time, others finance, others are more inventive…but they are all well thought out, and offer scope for creativity. 

Thank you Ang for both the reminder, and the explanation.

Sometimes the challenges require time, or money, sometimes they require a real sacrifice because you are asked to do something really outside your comfort zone. You can do it as a family – there are special resources for children – or as a church, or, as I do, as an individual. You can do it as a Christian, a Muslim, an atheist, an agnostic, a person of faith, or a person of none. It is just a way of helping us to focus on being generous, on being kind, on being loving… And if there’s one thing this world needs right now it is those things!

This year I have other things on my mind, as regular readers of this blog will know! My chemo is due to start on 22nd February (I think! It’s not been officially confirmed yet) and so I’m kind of thinking “Oh I won’t be in the mood…I won’t be in any fit state…I won’t want to think about other people…”


Listen, Dormouse, it’s not All About You.

So, yes, I’ve signed up. Maybe some days will be harder, maybe some days I won’t be in any fit state to complete a challenge, but on those days I pledge to pray. I can do that. Even if they are prayers thought (not even said) in a dozy, medicated state after a dose of chemo God will hear them.

And, as it says “The challenge begins”

Will you join me, and Ang, and thousands of others?

Because if you do join in, that’s another 40 acts of kindness, touching another 40 people who wouldn’t have had that hand of generosity extended to them without you.

11 thoughts on “Wot? Already?!

  1. I’ve already joined you 😁 Check out my latest blog post! Wishing you all the best for your chemo too. Having been through chemo with my ex partner I know some days are better than others so just take it one day at a time and make small goals for yourself. I think you are amazing for committing to this when you have so much to think about but even if you do 20 it will be fantastic! 😊

  2. The 40 Acts are inspirational and food for thought. As the newmrsm2016 says above, you are amazing for committing to this and even if you do 20 it will be fantastic. I wish you the increasing health and strength to see these through, and will be reading with interest.

  3. Lent is not part of my spiritual experience, but reading your post today brought a nudge from God. As you said, “It is just a way of helping us to focus on being generous, on being kind, on being loving… And if there’s one thing this world needs right now it is those things!” If you can do this while fighting cancer, I can do this while fighting – er, PARENTING a teenager, so count me in. 😉

      1. I thought about that and would really like to, but know it would be like pulling hen’s teeth – limited time and even more limited interest. But I think I will try!

  4. Giving away is always much better than giving up! You’re on the prayer list and yes, God hears us…He knows our hearts…don’t give in.
    He loves you with an everlasting love and underneath are His everlasting arms.

  5. Count me in. Found your blog via Michelle above and the 40 acts has called to me. I am selfish by nature, with my time and my space (we live in a tiny house) so this is the challenge I NEED. So here I go all the way from Illinois!

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