40 Acts: I certainly didn’t hold back!

I tink I went overboard with this challenge – it really appealed to me…As a blogger, author, teacher, actor I know that words are powerful and I wanted to share words today…so I did! Boy, so I did!!

In my post about my reaction, I said “Right! I’m off to prepare some cards & letters before I start lesson planning for the day!” Lesson planning?! That went by the board! I spent an hour-and-a-half writing 12 postcards and 6 cards with a mixture of encouraging phrases and Bible verses in French




I collected four books – all in English – to leave somewhere: two novels that I enjoyed, a Gospel of Mark, and a book called “God’s Little Devotional Book on Prayer”


I wrote a little note to go in each one


and popped them in plastic bags with a note saying: “This is an English book – if you would like it, please take it”

Then I was off, down to Roanne to do a bit of stealth note-leaving!!! I decided to go to the underground car park of the Carrefour Market, and to leave the postcards under car windscreen wipers…so I skulked a little until there was noone around and then left them under random wipers


I also left a few in the public toilets


by the sinks


behind the door.

I left the cards in various shopping trolleys – the envelopes had messages such as “Oui, c’est pour toi!” (Yes, it’s for you”) written on them. I also popped one on a pot plant by the lift, and one in the lift itself!

Then I went down to Le Port, and left three of the books on various benches (I’d already left one on a café table in the shopping centre)



I REALLY enjoyed this challenge, and will definitely be carrying this on from time to time! I don’t know how the religious messages/books will be received, but I wrote messages that I felt were “right” for this Act. BRILLIANT!!!


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