Fathers’ Day

Ang over at Tracing Rainbows is remembering her father who died 20 years ago today. She recounted how proud she was of the newspaper headline that reported his death, and how it captured  the essence of her father with the words “Passionate Preacher”. I wrote a comment, with an anecdote about my father’s funeral, remembering how, when we arrived at the church, the Minister came to meet us.

“Don’t be surprised by the number of people that there are…” he said.

When we entered the church – and it was a big church hall – every seat was taken, and there were people standing at the back and down the sides. A measure of how well-loved and well-respected he was as a local GP.

I also mentioned how I often find myself watching “Call the Midwife” with a bit of a lump in my throat. Dr Turner, in the series, is working in Poplar, in London, giving the same care to people, and in the same era as my dad wouild have been working in Fazakerley in Liverpool. And for me, I can’t help but see a resemblance, both in the demeanour and kindness of the character, but also in the looks.

My dad, Dr Ronald Hardman.

Dr Turner, played by Stephen McGann

The same crumpled, friendly face… It’s a bit like seeing my father again every Sunday evening!


8 thoughts on “Fathers’ Day

  1. What a wonderful man he must have been, to have had such a heartfelt ‘send off’ by so many people. I am also sorry that you have already had to say goodbye, but I think it is lovely that you can remember him fondly each week through the tv 🙂

  2. How privileged we both are, to have had such wonderful parents. It is wonderful when a whole community comes together to show love and respect – but we had the added joy of being able to say “Dad”, our relationship was extra special. Thanks for your lovely post too. Your Dad clearly passed on his loving, caring nature to his daughter.

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