Revenge is a dish…

John, over at Going Gently aasked his readers about times when they had wreaked revenge on somebody.

I’m not sure mine is a story of revenge, but rather of “karma”…what goes around comes around.

Many years ago, we had a small but feisty Suzuki Swift car, which, one fine day, I was driving down a twisty mountain road in France. I was driving cautiously but not dangerously: probably about 80 kph which I felt was correct for the road conditions. However the guys in the white van behind us didn’t agree. They started driving up my tail and hooting the horn, and then on a fairly blindish bend revved up to  overtake.

I’m afraid that’s when I did something naughty. And, I will admit it now, slightly dangerous. As they pulled out to overtake, I put my foot down. Of course, the Suzuki responded immediately and they couldn’t overtake. They dropped back behind me, I slowed down to 80 kph again, and they started hootingand tail gating me again. Remember, this was a winding mountain road, so there were no safe overtaking places. This happened three or four times: they would pull out, on a blind bend, I’d speed up, they couldn’t overtake…

Finally we reached a place where it was safe to overtake, so I was willing to let them. They started revving up, and the guy in the passenger seat rolled down the window. As they passed us he gobbed a huge great gob of spit at us. The wind caught it, and blew it, very pleasingly, back into his face!

I smiled to myself, eased off the gas slightly and let them overtake. With a facefull of spittle to deal with.


2 thoughts on “Revenge is a dish…

  1. Ha, spitting into the wind! A friend of mine was driving home in Chambéry (Savoie), going through the 2-lane tunnels there. A young man in his crappy little car was riding his tail but couldn’t pass. As my friend said, I couldn’t pull over to let him pass anyway, but after the tunnels the young man did manage to pass – only to hit the guard rail a bit further up and do some very serious damage to his crappy little car. Karma indeed. Same friend had another eejit tailing him coming back from skiing one day. Eventually said friend pulled over to put his snow chains on and the eejit gave him the finger as he passed. A bit further down the mountain the eejit was pulled over with his hazards on having hit the guard rail and again done a ton of damage to his car. Lovely jubbly.

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