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Pictures Round the House N°3 – Alton Abbey

Hello dear readers. Back in February I started a little series “Pictures Round the House” showing you pictures in our house that are special, and telling you why they have a special place in my heart. Well,after a hiatus, here’s … Continue reading

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Pictures Round the House: “Early Morning Grasmere”

Here’s another in the series of posts looking at pictures that are round our house – it encourages me to look at them with fresh eyes and to remember the stories behind them. Until Tuesday this picture hung in a … Continue reading

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Iona 1999

Woven through the cycle of the world The endless circle of birth and death,     of creation and destruction     of beauty and ugliness     of laughter and tears,     of love and hate, Surrounding it … Continue reading

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This day (or thereabouts!) through the years

Sometime round June 2009 – but there isn’t aproper date there. Mr FD peeping coyly round the chair! 17.06.2010 – poppies photographed on one of my walks. I used to try to get into the hills around Clermont when I … Continue reading

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Blessed are the Cheesemakers

16th May 2010 In 2010 we had a bit of a food-off. Our fiercely patriotic French friend would not concede that English cheese and paté could possibly be as good as the equivalent French produce. So Steve & Cathy – … Continue reading

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Secret messages…and an intriguing mystery

FIRST SECRET MESSAGES… There has been something in the Guardian recently about the hidden/filtered messages on FaceBook. I followed the instructions given in the article and found a lovely message from the 40 Acts team from 2014 – my first … Continue reading

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Back in time…to play board games

We have really enjoyed the Giles Coren series “Back in time for…” The first we saw was “B.I.T. for dinner”, the second “B.I.T for Christmas”. And this current series is “B.I.T for the weekend” Back to the 50s Christmas The … Continue reading

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