Cancel Christmas!

It’s funny how the deaths of famous people affect others differently.

David Bowie died at the beginning of the week, and I thought for a moment “That’s sad” – because the death of anyone, especially through bastard cancer, is sad – but I wasn’t sure I could understand the gathering together of people in Brixton, New York, Berlin and the enormous laying of flowers. Yes, he was a pivotal player in the development of modern, popular music and I can see how many musicians today were affected by him, but I felt no more than a fleeting moment of sadness.

But Alan Rickman…? His death does bring tears to my eyes. Not just because I thought he had the most beautiful speaking voice ever, but he was a very good actor too. Sadly he won’t be sitting in his rocking chair at 80 years old.

There is also the fact that, for some inexplicable reason, he always made my heart flutter just a little bit.

If I’d been Maid Marion I would have left Robin Hood without a backward glance!!

RIP Alan Rickman.


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