More cards…

I spent a little while making cards yesterday – still enamoured with my butterfly cutting die and my Big Shot I used that to make this card for our dear neighbours across the way:


I used some lovely vintage paper that I was sent last year with the cracker swap. I’ve never used it – I think it is too lovely to cut up! – but I finally decided that I really should use it for what it was meant for! I picked out the gold with the butterflies; the bottom part cut from two different gold cards, and the top using some gold recycled wrapping paper.

Inside I wrote:

En 2016 il y aura

  • des sourires, pour chasser la tristesse;
  • de l’audace, pour que les choses ne restant pas en place;
  • de la confiance, pour faire disparaitre les doutes;
  • des gourmandises, pour croquer et deguster la vioe;
  • du reconfort, pour adoucir les jours difficiles;
  • de la generosité, pour se nourrir du plaisir de partager;
  • des arcs-en-ciel, pour colorer des idées noires;
  • du courage, pour continuer à avancer

which could be translated as:

In 2016 there will be

smiles to dispel sadness;
daring, so that things do not remain in place;
the confidence to make doubts disappear;
delicacies to munch and give life a good taste;
consolation, to alleviate the difficult days;
generosity, to nourish you with the pleasure of sharing;
rainbows, to brighten dark thoughts;
courage to keep moving forward.

The other card also used the butterfly die, and an embossing folder too. It is a beautiful design, which I only seem to use for condolence cards at the moment. I really must use it for something cheerier:



I just used cardstock that I had around. The embossed design was highlighted using a little known technique – brushing it carefully with old eyeshadow that I no longer use! I also used the same shade of eyeshadow to give a little colour around the sentiment.

I like both of thse better than the other card that I showed you earlier in the week with butterflies. I really need to learn that it’s better not just to plonk things on the base card, but to add another layer first!

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One Response to More cards…

  1. Kezzie says:

    Youre very right about the benefit of layering on cards. I don’t always do it and my cards look less good. My butterfly punch is one of my most used craft items!!! I absolutely adore what you’ve made and the embossing folder is great!!!Xx

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