One thing less to worry about!

A couple of days ago I wrote about an unpaid bill, for work done between September and December, and how I was gearing myself up to do something about it. Like debt collectors etc.

Yesterday I received an email from the company that said:

Nous avons dû faire face ces derniers temps à des perturbations qui relèvent de la trésorerie et de la réorganisation des tâches administratives. Cela a pris plus de temps que prévu. Nous en sommes les premiers à le déplorer. D’autant plus, que nous sommes ravis de travailler avec vous. Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour tous les désagréments que nous aurions pu vous faire subir. (Google translate: We have had to face in recent times to disturbances which are the treasury and the reorganization of administrative tasks. It took more time than expected. We are the first to deplore it. Especially , we are delighted to work with you. We ask you to excuse us for the inconvenience that we could make you suffer .)

They have offered me a payment plan which – while it doesn’t take into account all the 40€ late payment penalties that I am entitled to ask for – means that I will be fully paid by the end of June. I have accepted this but told them that I won’t be working for them until the debt is paid ( nor, though they don’t know this, will I be working for them AFTER the debt is paid!) and that if a payment is late I’ll be following it up with the Greffe de Tribunal de Commerce (small claims court)

There are other things to worry about, not least a small waterfall that seems to have decided to seep into our cellar from who knows where (but Mr FD suspects next door’s dishwasher feed) and not-a-lot of work at the moment, but at least I won’t have to worry about sorting out debt collectors and so on.

I feel relieved.


2 thoughts on “One thing less to worry about!

  1. Glad to know it IS getting sorted. I too have had hassles this month regarding my pension – but that is [slowly] being resolved. I think that large organisations can easily forget that small people on tight budgets cannot manage for too long without money that is due to them, and need it paid promptly, not late!! There is one employment agency I will never work for again, nor recommend to anyone, because of their ineptitude. [will not say their name, but it implies they do not employ women!]
    Hope the money is in the bank VERY soon. At least we know the Lord will provide, even if humans let us down. Blessings xx

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