Hello everyone. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. You can read about mine over at Fat Dormouse.

I received lots of lovely presents. I have really enjoyed opening my swap parcels.

The first one was “Send Your Country Christmas” – or something like that! – organised by Creative Chaos. I was twinned with Diane from The Cheshire Quilter (on that link you can see what I sent her, as I forgot to take photos!) She sent me lots of goodies…


including papers, loads of ribbons and other embellishments, a tissue pouch and another zipped pouch, Thorntons’ choccies (sadly Mr FD saw these so I’ll have to share. Boo Hiss. Mind you, that means I can share his Chocolate Orange. Huzzah!) and some lovely quilty Santa decorations

IMG_2413the bottom two are from Diane. So, thank you very much for my lovely presents!!

The second swap was a Christmas cracker swap. The idea was that you made a cracker from a kitchen roll middle, filled with goodies. I cheated and made my own cylinder so I could fit things in, but my partner Pen didn’t even pretend! I just got a parcel full of goodies!!Here’ s a link to Pen’s page showing what I sent…and this is what she sent to me

IMG_2415Chocolate money, lovely papers, ribbons, scented candles, funky pens, a lovely decoration


and some seriously dinky Post-It notes/bookmarks


Again, a lovely, lovely swap. Thank you Pen!

My Ship of Fool’s Secret Santa hasn’t arrived yet – but no matter, there’s still plenty of “Days of Christmas” to go.

I also have my Twelve Days of Christmas swap to show you, but that deserves a post of its own. I must go and prepare lunch now. I’ll be back later!


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