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Ain’t mispronouncing…

Ang, over at Tracing Rainbows, asked about words that one mispronounces even though you know the correct pronunciation. In Dormouse Towers we sometimes talk about “sanniches” and “tuffees” but not always.

However, on my shopping lists, there are two words I always spell incorrectly, even though I do know how to spell them (honestly!) These are “biskits” and “cat fud”. I don’t know why biscuits (see!) became “biskits”, but I can trace the “cat fud” back to this Gary Larson cartoon:


We loved Gary Larson, back in the day, and have several of his books. They are amusing to dip into from time to time.

And, just for fun, here’s another…

Questions asked…

Someone at church who occasionally reads my blog asked me recently “Why is Andrew known as Mr FD?”

Others of you may be wondering.

So here is an explanation.

In my second year of teaching, I was living and working in North London, while Mr FD was working in the city, and commuting by coach to his parents’ home in Maidstone (which is where we’d met, during my first year of teaching) Every Friday, I would travel into the city, meet Mr FD and take the coach with him back to his parents’. We would arrive there about 6.30 pm, and after our evening meal, I would fall asleep on the sofa, rousing myself briefly to go up to bed, and finally surfacing at about 11.00 am the following day! I was absolutely exhausted at the end of each week! Because of my somnolent habit I became known as The Dormouse.

This is a hazel dormouse. These are an endangered species in the UK.

This is the kind of dormouse that most people think of, but there is also another kind, Latin name Glis glis, which is the edible, or fat, dormouse

These were a favourite delicacy at many a Roman feast. These are known as loirs in French, and can cause no end of damage if they get into your roof space.

I first started my blog way back when, using a “wiblog” account, and used the moniker “Dormouse”; it was also called The View from the Teapot. The wiblogs no longer exist, but some of my “rescued” posts are available on the links above “Some dregs from the other teapot”. Then, when I started getting more-than-a-little overweight, I decided to start another blog to document my food-and-dieting adventures, which I named Fat Dormouse Getting ThinnerHere’s a link to my very first post on the blog in January 2011

So, from that, the person formerly known as MrD, became Mr FD.

Here is Mr FD

Any other questions…?

A Highland Coo for Sarah

During 40 Acts I asked if anyone would like me to draw a piece of Zentangle Inspired Art for them…

Sarah requested a Highland Cow. So a Highland Cow is what she got:

If you would like to see him in more detail, then click on the picture


Again, if there’s anyone who’d like a piece of ZIA for themselves – or as a gift – then let me know. It’s always nice to have a specific piece to be doing.

I sent a few postcards to John Grey of “Going Gently” as he was having a competition. Here’s the envelope that I drew – he has a bulldog called Winnie.


Procrastination continued…

Thank you for your concern, but actually, it wasn’t the blog post that was the thing I didn’t want to do – it was more like the blog post was the way of procrastinating, but I couldn’t think what to write, so I didn’t even do that!

Yesterday I had to phone my health care providers, in French, as I couldn’t get on to “My Account”. I’d been putting it off for a few weeks, not so much because I was worried about speaking French (I just kind of launch into that and hope for the best) but rather I was afraid I wouldn’t understand the instructions given to me! However, all was well, and I understood. I’d just been entering the wrong number into the “Identification” box.

So I was quite pleased with myself by the end of the day.

This morning I did some batch cooking. With Mr FD now working (well, training to work) I can’t expect him to spend a long time cooking when he gets home. Before, I had no problem asking him to prepare something that maybe took 30 – 45 minutes (to prepare & cook) but now it seems a bit unfair. So today I made two batches of lamb,butternut squash and spinach curry, and three batches of a basic beef-mince-and-tomato mix to go in the freezer. These can be used to make quicker meals. My meal planning will take into account the need for quicker to prepare meals.

I also made some spiced carrot soup, as we both like taking soup for lunch, and prepared a dish of potato/sweet potato gratin for tonight. I felt very virtuous by the end! I impulse bought a Christmas ham from IKEA, which I roasted with a marmalade/honey/orange glaze on Wednesday

We had this with mushroom linguine last night, we’ll have it tonight with the gratin & some mange touts from the freezer, and then with chicory and a cheese sauce on Monday. The rest can go in the freezer or be used for sandwiches.

The problem is that the freezer is quite full of food already, so I’ll have to take something out to make room for the new stuff!! There’s quite a lot of fruit in there so I think I might take it out and make a peach,raspberry & redcurrant cobbler for dessert. I made an apple crumble last weekend as well! Mr FD won’t be able to believe his luck – I hardly ever make desserts!!



My mammogram and ultrasound were clear!

60 before 60…?

I’m going to be 60 next birthday. Eeep, how did that happen?!

People often plan “35 before I’m 35” things to do…I don’t think I can manage to do , or even think of 60 things!

But – here’s a challenge – I’m going to ask each of those of you who really do read my posts instead of just clicking “like” without reading to suggest one thing that I could do. Preferably nothing that costs a lot of money…for example, I’d love to fly in a hot air balloon over the Chaine des Puys…but it’s way too expensive

But something that might be fun, or interesting, or slightly off-beat, or a challenge (but not too challenging!)

And I’ll try to do them! So get your thinking caps on, and put your suggestions in the Comments.

Mr FD has set in motion our joint 60th Birthday treat – he’s booked tickets to see Big Big Train in Newport, Wales on 1st November. We have friends in South Wales and the south of England, so we’ll try to get to see them. We’re going to set up a virement each month into Mr FD’s Livret A account (savings account) so that the money quietly transfers, and mounts up, without us noticing. Not too much, but enough to help spread the cost. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay with our friends, but it would be nice to maybe have one night in a posh hotel…

Here’s a Big Big Train song for you

Another Zentangle

This was done for a small boy who loves cats. Chomeuse’s Chou sent me a delightful picture of his grey cat, Delilah

Chou writes “He loves his cats more than anything in the world” , (E ( some days later) TA: I’m sure Chou is very intelligent & advanced for his age, but he’s not up to writing yet. Of course, I meant “CHOMEUSE writes….”) so I sent a zentangle of a cat for him

I believe he quite liked it.