Receiving A Little Love

I took part in Mad About Bags’s “Send A Little Love” swap and was paired up with Joy. I have already told you about what I sent to her, but this post is about what she sent to me. I haven’t photographed it very well – as you will see the cats decided they were more important! – but that doesn’t negate the fact that I was thrilled with what Joy sent.

I came home from a long day’s teaching and found a tantalising box in the postbox. I brought it inside and opened it. What lovely things are nestling inside?:


I took the presents out of the box…


and immediately Pomme, and then Bib, decided that the box was theirs:

IMG_2005 IMG_2006

Then I opened the lovely gifts. What pleasures were within!

IMG_2007Something heart shaped/ themed – a sweet little felt heart, plus a lovely greetings card

Something delicious to eat – Mini Eggs (huzzah!) and LoveHearts

Something handmade – a wonderfully cozy scarf . I must admit thatthe cats are showing an interest in both sleeping on this (it’s so cuddly!) and in playing with the tassels. I have found it spirited away to other places during the night!

Something red – A sheet of shiny red heart stickers, that I can use on cards, and it was all beautifully wrapped in red paper.

Other lovely things – gardeners soap, and some body lotion. As I’m not a gardener, I will probably pass the soap on to my mum, who is, and who suffers with dry skin. I think this will be lovely for her. I have to order her Chistmas present today (yes, I know it’s a bit late!) which is going to be two strawberry plants from The Gluttonous Gardener


She loves gardening, and so I think this will be a good gift. We didn’t send it at Christmas, because she was away…and then I forgot that we hadn’t ordered it!! So a small addition of Joy’s soap will be lovely.

Thank you so much for the lovely presents. More than that, thank you for your generosity and for the introduction to another blog to follow. Aren’t blog hops and swaps fun?!


11 thoughts on “Receiving A Little Love

  1. Your cats are gorgeous! We can’t have one because my husband is allergic to their fur, my youngest daughter would love one. We have a black lab instead x

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