Our friends have gone to the UK for a week, but have left their two dogs here. There is a well-worked out rota of people, to let the dogs out first thing, to sit with the dogs for company (or to go for a walk) in the afternoon, and to feed them in the evening. Yesterday we were on afternoon and feeding duties, so I took Roxanne and Marvin out for a long walk.

When I arrived they were very pleased to see me – I think I am already associated with “walkies” so there was much excitement. Marvin is a very bouncy Jack Russel cross, and so there was much joyous leaping and snuffling. Roxanne is an elderly bulldog, but even she was running in circles, drooling. I went on a walk that the two dogs don’t know, so they were a tad cautious at first, but soon Marvin was hurtling off into the woods like a jet propelled missile. Roxanne less so, but even she started frolicking in the snow, which she adores.


Look. Snow. Happy face!


What can I smell? Squirrels?!

It was a good long walk, but we all got rather muddy and wet, due to melting snow, and paths which had turned into quagmires.


Poor Roxanne struggled when she tried to walk through a puddle, that was part ice, part water. She couldn’t quite work out why some parts weren’t as wet as the others. Her back legs are quite weak, compared to the rest of her, and they didn’t serve her well as she tried to make the transition from walking through water to walking on ice! I had to help her up the steps when we got back home, as she was really rather too tired. Heaving I-don’t-know-what-weight of exhausted bulldog up steep steps isn’t easy – especially when I’m a bit of an old crock myself!

But then when we go to the top of the steps, both Roxanne and Marvin had enough energy to roll in the snow on the deck.


They say that an ice bath is good for athletes…


Me! Me! I want to play too!

It was quite chilly so I was glad I wrapped up warmly, in the cosy scarf that Joy sent me.


And when I got home I found the two Middle Management cats curled up together:


George is grooming his sister, Millie


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