I’m sorry that, at the moment, my posts seem to chiefly revolve around book review and zentangles with the odd update on my treatment. But, if I’m honest, that’s mostly what life consists of at present!

With my radiotherapy scheduled at 13h30 every day (except yesterday, for some strange reason) it does rather get in the way of things! I can do stuff in the morning – usually computer- or desk-based, like zentangling ore blogging – until I have an early lunch. My taxi-ambulance picks me up at 12.45, and I get home at about 14h30, often feeling quite tired. I have cup of coffee, and then a lie-down for an hour or two, sometimes catching up on a TV programme on my computer, sometimes reading. I don’t really want to have a nap then as that means I don’t sleep well the following night.  I perk up a bit in the evening, so we watch some TV – of course, Mr FD has been watching the World Cup (as this is a scheduled post I’m writing, I don’t know if England won their semi final match) and also the Tour de France, so on those evenings I retire upstairs to watch more catch-up TV. Tonight (Thursday) we’re going up to Friend Cathy’s for apèros with Monique & Michel from across the road: I’m going to make some little puff pastry pinwheels to take up, with cheese, or tapenade filling.

So, here’s the most recent zentangle finished:

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry, but if you click on it to biggify you may get a better view. Here’s a detail

I’m gifting this (if they want it!) to Phone Credit for Refugeesto do with as they wish – a raffle prize, perhaps? – as I can’t really donate as much as I’d like to this worthy charity, but I can do zentangles! I chose an eagle as a subject, as I feel that giving the gift of communication to these people so far from home and desperate to contact their loved ones,  is almost like giving them wings. It’s also a strong, brave bird, and to have left everything they love for such an uncertain future is a courageous thing to have done.

My next zentangle is going to be a cat, to support a small charity here in France that captures, neuters and releases feral cats. One of the women on a support group on FB that I belong to is a volunteer with this charity so the zentangle is for their Christmas raffle. So I’ll be cracking on with that shortly.

Don’t forget: if you’d like a zentangle for yourself, or as a gift, then let me know. Always happy to oblige! (Especially if you’re willing to give a donation to PC4R!)


15 thoughts on “Zent-eagle

  1. Beautiful zentangle and for a great cause.
    Sorry for not commenting much recently – I’m submerged in summer school and an impending British Council inspection. I’d love a pig zentangle if possibe and am more than happy to donate some money to the charity.
    Hope the chemotherapy is going well – prayers.

    1. You’re on the list for a Zentangle, Kate! Can you email me your address at some stage? Where is your summer school? I used to work in one near Newbury – but this year I can’t, obvs.

  2. What a fitting donation for the cause; I hope they raffle it off for lots of phone credit! Sounds like your days have a routine; I’m personally a big fan of routine…. 😉

  3. I love the zentangles – keep them coming! Inspired by one of your recent ones I’ve even tried my hand at doing one myself (not posted online). It’s a lovely form of creativity and I’m sure it’s doing you good!

    1. Good for you! I really enjoy the art form, and find it relaxing and engrossing – I happily spend two or three hours working on a piece. I’d like to do one for you as a housewarming gift when you have moved in to your new house.

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