Again, I’ve been away from my blog without leave, as it were…I haven’t known what to write about, although Lucky Jim has been keeping us entertained. Since you last saw him he has really grown up, and is now much more like a kitten than a hamster…

Yes, I am remarkably cute
I am helping Meowma with her work.

So I thought I’d just update you on what I’ve done this week and maybe at least try to do a newsy post once a week…

On Saturday ansd Sunday it was H-O-T far too hot for my liking – up in the high 30s – and so we stayed at home in “Hot Weather Protocol” as Mr FD calls it: open shutters and windows early on, to let in cooler air, then close both to keep out hot air. If the evening cools down, then open everything up again. I ventiured out to feed the poor cats but that was about it.

On Monday I had to go into school – usually I work there on Friday, but Friday had been their Fete de l’Ecole so they were rehearsing all day for an evening performance. So I was in on Monday instead. So HOT!! I was dripping by the end of the day (TMI) so I called in at a supermarket on the way home to pick up some more drinks. Yes, water is fine, but we do like something different occasionally. As I was there I saw in the clothes section a really nice dress. Now, I am not a dress person, as I have “chub rub” (top of the thighs rubbing together) and I can never find pretty sandals to wear with my inner soles. But two teachers at school had been wearing similar loose fitting dresses with plimsolls and looked really cool. So on the spur of the moment, I bought it. I love it! I have a pair of anti-chub-rub tight-material knickers, which are a bit old and holey, but would do the job until I bought some more.

Here is my dress. On a slimmer model!!!

I wore the dress on Tuesday and it was much admired. And it was cool. Huzzah! I had two lessons on Tuesday, one face to face, the other online. They were relatively easy. Although I did “lie down on the sofa to rest my eyes” and despite setting my alarm, woke up later than planned (with my alarm peeping to itself) so I was late for my face to face. Happily, Magalie is very laid back and it wasn’t a problem. I also had a quick look at the Lectionary for Sunday, and chose hymns that I think will fit the theme that I think I will be preaching on. Of course, everything might change and the hymns are completely wrong for the theme, but if that’s the case, I don’t suppose anyone will notice!!

On Wednesday I was in Roanne all day – I have a kiné session first thing to help strengthen my ankles. Jean Claude had me balancing on strange squishy cobble-like things, which is quite tricky. When he asked me to balance on one foot it was even harder. I had to have one finger touching the wall, but if I took that finger off, I immediately overbalanced! Then I went to Lidl to get as much non-chilled shopping as possible. A quick whiz round Noz then time for lunch – a salad in the car (Still really HOT!!) and on to a lesson. Then Carrefour for the other non-chilled stuff I couldn’t get in Lidl, and another lesson. This is with Aya, who is in 4ème: she has a good level of English for this year group. She’s a pleasure to teach. Then off to “teach” two children (usually three, but Charline was at a dance rehearsal) who are French, but have lived in the US and Singapore, so their english is good. It’s just to continue speaking. So today we did a craft activity making mobiles.

Just before I was going to leave, there was a mighty wind and the rain, and then hail swept in. The hailstones were the size of marbles. Of course, I lost the children’s attention, as grandparents hurried round the house to close windows etc. It was a short sharp burst, ending after about 15 minutes. However, we caught the edge of the storm – only a kilometre or so down the road, cars had their windscreen smashed to pieces, sheds and patio furniture were battered to pieces, houses were damaged…Mr FD’s car is now pitted with pock marks from the hail (he was at work not far from where I was) but it wasn’t too bad for him. I left the lesson and drove home (through sunshine!) calling in at the supermarket Intermarché to buy the chilled items – I can’t buy them any earlier in the day as they would go “off” with the heat. Glad to get home after a busy day!

On Thursday I was about to start sorting out my stuff for school today (Friday) when I got a message saying that school had been so damaged by the storms it was closed on Thursday & Friday. I don’t exactly know what had happened but I was told that some classrooms were unusable! Happily though, the children don’t go to school on Wednesday, so nobody was injured. I had been expecting an email with links to an online course in Safeguarding that I have to take, due to take place on Thursday lunchtime, but I got nothing….I don’t know if I missed a previous email, or what, but I couldn’t connect to something I had no info for….So my Thursday was suddenly freer than I expected. Instead of using my time wisely, I faffed around and did very little. Partly because Jim was wandering round my study and disturbing me (previous photo) and biting my ankles. Bless him!

And so here we are on Friday – the weather has broken, at least for now, and it is rainy and cool, which is a relief for everyone, I imagine. Certainly for me. I am writing this, and then I’m going to take advantage of a free day to try to craft my sermon for Sunday. I also need to go for a walk and to pop to the local supermarket, as I had planned to go to Lidl for various meat related items on the way home from school, but that’s not to be, so I’ll see what I can get in our local Carrefour. Tomorrow will probably include some cleaning, and on Sunday we have our church picnic. So I need to make a banana cake and some coleslaw to take (There’ll be a barbecue, so I’ll be taking some meat bought today!)

There we are. That’s my week. And should you be interested, here’s what we ate

MondayPizza & salad
TuesdaySalmon, simply steamed and flaked into sweet chilli sauce, new potatoes, salad
WednesdayBacon & spinach omelette, fried potatoes, salad
ThursdayVegetable & cheese pasta bake
FridaySteak, fried potatoes, salad
Saturday(planned) Pulled pork, salad, coleslaw and flatbreads
Sunday(planned) BBQ at church picnic for me; same for Mr FD but not BBQed

I’m getting a bit predictable in the cooking now: Wednesday (after shopping) is always omelette, Thursday is always pasta bake (because I take leftovers to school for lunch) and Friday is always pizza & salad as I’m too knackered after school for much else! Except we had it on Monday this week! Still I can be a bit more creative the other days. If I can be arsed…

8 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. That was quite a hail storm! I think of those in the midwestern section of our country (there was damage in the area when I was visiting my parents in Texas) but for whatever reason, not in France.

  2. It’s been far too hot in Basel too – up to 35ºC. We’re currently at Jan’s dad’s in the north of Germany and it’s much cooler here.
    The dress looks very pretty and cool.

  3. It was hot here today! I quite enjoyed it though! Your new dress is lovely. I love a wafty dress!
    Lucky Jim is looking good! What a cutie!
    I wish I were that organised with a meal plan. Most evenings I haven’t got a clue what we are going to have and just concoct something!

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