St Just Saturday

I gave myself a treat – because Lucky Jim required a 12.00, and a 4.00 feed (we’d somehow got out of sync) Mr FD did the 8.00 feed and I stayed in bed until gone 9.00. Lucky Jim had an “activity time” with me in bed – I made an arena with me and the bed clothes, so he could wander round and climb and exercise. He’s getting quite mobile now, and lifts himself up onto his front paws, like he’s doing mini press ups!

By the time I roused myself Mr FD was vaccuuming the living room…and then went on through the house. He’s a star like this. His “reward” is that I do the washing up and putting away all weekend. No problem. I put out the washing and tidied the kitchen a bit, and then we both relaxed. Mr Fd with the Giro d’Italia on TV, and me footling round in the study. And feeding Lucky Jim (WOT? Again?!)

Lunch was a chicken pate and salad sandwich (made with wild garlic mayonnaise – yum!) and some tortilla chips, a mini Babybel and a biscuit. I think an apple featured too. Then more footling.

We had both been invited to a Leaving Party for friends from church who were going back to the UK, but Mr FD doesn’t know them well so he opted to stay home and have some Boy Time with Lucky Jim and the other cats. I cooked a frozen Flammekeuke to take (that is, it was frozen before I cooked it!) and then set off for the party

The route is quite a windy one, taking about 30 minutes. However a short section of road through one of the villages on the way was closed necessitating a 15km detour, which was really annoying. I vowed that on the way back I’d risk coming back through the village, as there would be likely to be a route through the roadworks for residents. And no work would be being done on Saturday evening.

The party was fun, and it was good to see our friends, and say Goodbye to them. My dinner was a lot of nibbley things which suits me fine. I love nibbly things!! I left at about 8.30, (it started early, as there were lots of kids there) and set off home on the route I knew, but I had my Sat Nav on, just in case. But somewhere between my friends and the blocked off village I had a crisis of confidence, and decided to put my faith in the Sat Nav. Well that was a mistake!

I have always mentally mocked those people who follow their Sat Nav slaveishly even though it takes them a ridiculous route…I turned into one of them. I was directed to follow a narrow road, which quickly turned into a very rutted track. I followed it thinking “This will only be a short bit of track and then it will be road again”. By the time I realised I was wrong, there was no possibility of turning round. I had to keep going.

OK, not QUITE this bad (and not muddy) but fairly like this. And I have a Nissan Micra!

I followed this mad route for about 3 km, at a snail’s pace – hearing a few ominous clunks as I hit a rock or two – until coming out onto a country road ; tarmacked, thankfully! I followed the Sat Nav’s instructions (but no longer with any trust in it!) and came across the village with the road closure! Yes, the road was closed, but yes, there was a route through. I could have gone the way I knew without the need to traverse a rally cross trail! I hope I will be forgiven for my extremely fruity language! Finally, I got home, having taken an hour instead of 30 minutes. Even if I’d taken the diversion I’d’ve been home quicker!!

Lucky Jim had a feed and then I went to bed. A 2 am and a 6 am feed.

2 thoughts on “St Just Saturday

  1. It sounds like you had a bit if a hairy time on that track, I’m glad you got out of it unscathed. I don’t have a satnav, I rely on my brain, excellent sense of direction and a map book and none have ever let me down yet. It sounds like little LJ is still doing well and he looks like he’s got quite a fat little belly in the photo 🙂

  2. I’ve only had one bad ‘turn’ with my iPhone Maps app. Very similar to your story, only it ended in a locked gate! Had to turn around (six-point turn!) and feel my way for awhile, and finally got to my destination.

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