Giving away a bit of village life

The Sapeurs Pompiers – fire service – in St Just are a volunteer force. They are not only the fire service but first call for medical emergencies too. We have several friends who volunteer: Clare, who is a district nurse, is the medical officer, her husband Jean and another friend Jerome, are both fire fighters. Just like in Britain, they can be called on to face fairly horrific incidents, sometimes that has happened to friends and acquaintances.

Because they are volunteer, they raise money for their Fete de Ste Barbara (patron saint of firefighters, I believe) by selling calenders at the end of the year. We bought ours, of course (we wouldn’t dare say no to Clare!) but I thought it might be quite fun to offer it as a Giveaway…Who would like to add a flavour of St Just to their office or kitchen with the pin-ups of the fire service?


All you need to do is leave a comment. I’ll randomly choose one of the commenters in a couple of weeks time. This is open to anyone from anywhere. Go on – you know you want to!


2 thoughts on “Giving away a bit of village life

  1. Down here the bushfire brigades are staff d by volunteers, although there are paid admin staff. So we have RFS and CFS Rural Fire Services and Country Fire Services, depending on the state. They are highly trained and much better equipped now than in years gone by. Brigades from New South Wales, my state, have just returned from helping out CFS volunteers in South Australia.

    I have always loved the term Sapeurs Pompiers. It made me laugh when I first saw it years ago and still does. It rolls off the tongue nicely.

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