A Pause in Advent

For the past few years, Floss over at Troc, Broc et Recup’ has hosted “A Pause in Advent”  a sort of blog party where bloggers posted their reflections, and such like on Advent – for those who want to escape some of the commercialism of the “Yuletide” season. Some thoughts were religious, others shared memories of Christmases past, and hopes for the future.

Pause in Advent Logo

The link was the fact that everyone who took part recognised that a more meditative approach to the season reflected the attitudes that we wanted to have.

Floss also hosted “A Pause in Lent”, but this year I took part in something different. You might recall my posts about 40 Acts – 40 Acts of generosity dutring Lent. Not giving up, but giving. I received an email from the group, advertising their initiative for Advent this year: Advent Wonder.

The introduction reads:

The Christmas lights are switched on in the high street, the John Lewis Christmas advert is all over Facebook, and supermarkets have been stocking mince pies for a month already…  

 In the midst of the consumerist hum, we invite you to reflect on the generous gifts of the Christmas story, with Advent Wonder – a free email series from Stewardship.

 Join us as we unwrap the alternative gifts of the Nativity, and explore our own capacity for generosity at Christmas and beyond.

 Each Monday and Friday throughout December 2014 we’ll send you a new ‘gift’ to ponder and share.

​Create some space. Rediscover the wonder of the Advent message.

Advent wondery

I have decided that I will follow this  series and so I’ve signed up.

Just as the 40 Acts initiative was not specifically Christian, I guess this might be the same… So, will anyone join me on this journey this Advent?


6 thoughts on “A Pause in Advent

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I don’t have time to host a Pause in Advent this year and I’m delighted that there are other possibilities. Ang from Tracing Rainbows has just been asking me and I’ve suggested she looks here. Also, if she or anyone else wants to host a Pause they are very, very welcome, and I’ll try to look in when I can.

  2. Sorry about my last comment! It’s gobbledygook, I started typing and before I knew it it had published!! What I meant to say was that I always want to escape the commercialism at this time of year! X

    1. Thanks for the explanation…I wondered whether “Tisbt” was a type of “Bah-humbug!” comment that was down-with-the-kids this year. I hope that people will find the link useful.

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