Pray, tell me…

How is it that, even with  8 litter trays scattered on every floor of the house, we still have at least one cat who pees anywhere BUT the tray?

Mr FD spent a good halfhour this morning cleaning up the cooker and the side of the cooker, and the floor around the cooker because a cat (and we think we know who it is, Bib) decided that was a really good place to pee. We know that Jasper (or rather, fear of Jasper chasing her) may well be the reason, but there are numerous proper places for a cat to relieve itself. (I know, as I’ve just spent a very warm hour cleaning and changing them!)

Hey ho: here’s aSimon’s Cat that features a kitten, a cat, and a litter tray:

and a cute kitten drowning in litter:


And we’re back to the !*$@!* bathroom!!

STILL not finished and we’re having to write more emails to the builder! Sigh.

He came a couple of weeks back and we discussed what we wanted to finish off the bathroom – most of it he said we had to do “because it wasn’t on the devis”. This includes pâinting the top of the wall, prepping and fixing the beading on top of the tiles, and tiling & painting the boxing-in of the pipes. Well, fed up of the whole bogging thing we agreed, just wanting to get it finished. We discussed the boxing in, that we’d paint it and tile the front, and that we wanted access to the stopcock. I think we said we wanted it in wood.

When he saw me on Wednesday evening at dancing he gave me the house key & said he’d finished. When I got home we found a boxing in type thing (?!) made of thick  polystyrene, with ridged sides that couldn’t be painted, not fixed to the wall, and with no access to the stopcock! Like just plonked there. And he’s charging us over 200€ for this!!!!!

Mr FD has written the email this time, and he has again been polite but firm, saying please come and take your nasty thingy away (not in those exact words), we’ll pay for the work (but not the boxing in) but let’s draw a line under this now.

So I’m back to worrying about bad feeling between us, me having to give up dancing so I don’t have to face him, and I’m getting my stress-related IBS again! It’s really depressing. I really think I will abandon dance group, because I don’t want to face him, which is a bit sad, but I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to face difficult Stuff.