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Act N°38 (2017): WASH DAY

I had a message from 40 Acts saying they weren’t going to use my video that Mr FD made of me in the final 40 Acts video. I was rather relieved, as I think I look and sound a bit … Continue reading

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Act N° 32 (2017): Forgive Part 1

Hello everyone! I am very happy today! Recently I found out I had to complete some paperwork for the French Government in order to register as Auto Entrepreneur. I hate paperwork, (even more so in a foreign language) and I … Continue reading

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Act N°15 (2017): Influence & N°16: Beyond

Hello everyone. This is a catch up of the last two days’ Acts. ACT 15: INFLUENCE The prompt reads: We all have influence, even if we’re not aware of it. It’s not something reserved for limelight seekers. Influence is simply … Continue reading

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Acts N° 3 & 4: Local & Real World

Hello everyone. I hope you’re well. I’m fine but a bit shaken up after an experience that left me looking like this Attractive, no? You can read about it in more detail on my other blog, Fat Dormouse I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Wot I did on my Holidays

Well…not exactly…as last week wasn’t really a holiday, but I thought I could give you an insight into the fun, fun, FUN things I do during the week. This week has been school holidays, so I haven’t been quite as … Continue reading

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And we’re back to the !*$@!* bathroom!!

STILL not finished and we’re having to write more emails to the builder! Sigh. He came a couple of weeks back and we discussed what we wanted to finish off the bathroom – most of it he said we had … Continue reading

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Techno Idiot

I do quite a lot of phone lessons – I phone the student (or vice versa), we chat a bit about the last week, we look at a text, discuss some grammar, and finish the call. I send them an … Continue reading

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