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Brisk – or not so brisk – walking.

The past week temperatures have soared – getting into the car yesterday, after work, the thermometer read 42°C – which has meant lurking indoors, with shutters & windows closed, drinking lots and perspiring unattractively. I do – none of this … Continue reading

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Wishing everyone who reads, follows, likes & comments on my blog a blessed and happy Easter. Alleluiah. Christ is Risen. The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluiah!   And because I am contractually obliged to (not really…) here is a Lol … Continue reading

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Acts N° 27 & 28 (2017): 2:1 and FOOLISH

Oh my golly gosh! I’ve got behind (again!) blogging about 40 Acts – mostly because we had friends coming for a curry meal on Friday, which took up a lot of Thursday & Friday, plus work, plus cleaning, plus being … Continue reading

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There is a line in Willy Russell’s play “Shirley Valentine” where the eponymous main character is waiting nervously for the taxi that is to take her away to Greece to start her holiday. She repeats the mantra “Tickets…passport…money…” to calm … Continue reading

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February in Books

How come I’ve reached 11th March and I still haven’t managed to record the books I read in February!? So without any more ado… HOLY ISLAND by I.J.Ross (read on my Kindle) The notes I wrote: “Okay but a bit … Continue reading

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Acts N°19 & 20

Act N° 19: DAILY GRIND: Our lives are often built around routines. People factor highly into those routines, but sometimes they become nameless and faceless as we concentrate on our own tasks and desires. Today we’ll take a moment to … Continue reading

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40Acts2015: Drawing to a close

WARNING: This post contains many, many LOLcats!!! (Possibly too many!) This last week I seem to have been too busy to post about the final 7 or 8 Acts, and I have also found them much more difficult to personally … Continue reading

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