Things I Don’t Understand…

There are moves a-foot to “reactivate” my licence as an Licensed Lay Minister, and to make it all official again. As I’m an Anglican LLM worshipping and working in an Episcopal parish there needs to be some coordination between bishops, but I’m guessing it may happen. I can’t find my Licence to preach – I’ve asked for duplicates, but I don’t know yet if they can be provided. On verra

However, I do know that I have been very lax on my studying and serious reading – even since I finished my training I’ve not really kept up with any. I’m not actually very good at studying. When I’m preparing for a service that’s fine: there s a goal ahead, and a deadline, but studying just for the sake of it. Hmmm. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep that up. Still, I think I need to start. Father Rob has given me a book “Faithful Persuasion” by David S Cunningham, subtitled “In aid of a Rhetoric of Christian Theology” – I’m not sure I understand what that means! If I can’t understand that I can’t help thinking I’m going to struggle with the rest of it. I have a lovely new notebook with a yellow cover and pink pages which is too good to use for teaching notes. I shall use it to encourage me in some Serious Thinking And Reflection

And while we are considering things I don’t really understand, here is an illustration I used in a sermon once that makes some kind of sense about the Trinity, as today is Trinity Sunday:

Well, I’m not a scientist, and so I struggle a little to understand this, but Andrew, who is more of a scientist than I am, pointed out to me that there exists the electro magnetic spectrum, that goes from long radio waves, through micro waves, infra red light, U V light to X-rays. There are all of these waves and they all move at the same speed, but out of these, it is only the light that we can see.

So, for the Trinity, just as there are the different waves moving at the same speed so there is God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, all moving at the same speed, with the same purpose.

The x-rays that enable doctors to see through our bodies, could represent God, as He can see right through to the very core of our being, and with his infra-red can warm our hearts and bring us to life. The light waves, the only part of the spectrum we can see, could represent Jesus, as the light of the world, as the part of the Trinity that humankind could see. The radio and television waves, that enable us to hear the news spoken, could represent the Holy Spirit, working through people today, telling the good news of God. All electro-magnetic waves, moving together, with the same purpose, at the same speed. Creator, Saviour, Comforter, moving together, with the same purpose, at the same speed.

 Sure, this too has its weaknesses, but it’s an illustration that appeals to me, not least because although I’m not absolutely sure I understand it, that doesn’t seem to matter… Just like the Trinity itself!