What I’m wearing: Friday at work

But I can’t show you!! I have mislaid (or possibly lost!) my camera, so I have no photo. Sad face.

I was, however, inordinately pleased with my outfit. I have a new black skirt. It is a real innovation for me, as it is knee length, and practically every skirt I have owned, ever, has been mid-calf. But this is just above my knees. I don’t like my knees as they’re a bit squidgy, and ever since my accident with Gavroche (scroll down here to the section titled “My Version of River Dance”) my left knee has been very puffy. But with opaque black tights they’re not too horrendous.

I have a pair of black-and-grey oxfords – they were light grey all over, which didn’t go with anything I had (but I bought them cos they were cheap!!) until last October when I got a Sharpie pen and coloured them black, except for the tongue. The laces are also still grey. So I wore those on my feet, which looked fine.

On the top I wore a long navy-and-grey tunic. I wasn’t totally sure about the navy with black but it looked okay.

But I was very pleased with the skirt…I had been looking for one for a while, but don’t often get the chance to look round the shops. I can squeeze in about 30 minutes on a Wednesday before my lessons start, and so three weeks ago I did a very quick trawl round the shops. I found a black skirt in Armand Thiery, and not having time to try it on, took it home. It was not at all right, so I took it back for a refund the following week. Popped into M&SModes and saw another black skirt. Again, not having time to try it on, I took it home. Not at all right (and a size too big, which was a pleasant surprise, as I’d taken what I thought was my size!) . So I took it back the following week for a refund. And just popped back into A.T. to have a last look at the sale rack.And there, reduced by 60% to 13€ was the exact skirt I’d been looking for – and (as I’d discovered I was smaller than expected!) in a size I could fit into!

It’s a look I’m planning on exploring a little bit more.

This is the look I was going for, but my skirt is shorter and I’m nowhere near that thin!!



What I’m wearing – Sunday at church

Yesterday I mentioned I’d bought a new tunic at the sales, to try to look a bit smarter & more professional when going to businesses to teach. I tried the outfit out today to go to church


Both pictures are a bit blurry – and do not look at the tip that is the bedroom. I think I need to practise these photos-of-oneself-in-a-mirror! The top comes from the French clothing chain Depeche Mode, the leggings from who knows where and the boots from Noz. Oh, the bargain of the year! Leather, fur-lined lace-up boots for under 20€!! The only downside is that they take 5 minutes to puit on becauseof all the lacing!

Any comments?

What I’m wearing – Saturday at home

Jan over at The Great Escape  is trying to have a smarter image than her default jeans-and-hoodie look. To encourage herself, she is posting her daily look, and I have to say she looks very good in the pictures so far. I wish I could look as good!

Inspired by her I thought I might try an occasional What I’m Wearing post. I want to try to look a bit smarter than I have been – especially when going out to teach in businesses – so I thought this might encourage me. I went to the sales yesterday and bought myself a tunic/dress which I plan on wearing with leggings & boots. Hopefully picture tomorrow when I wear it for church.

But this is me today – a Saturday at home:


Fleece and baggy jeans. Sorry it’s a bit dark, but obviously I couldn’t use a flash, and the only place with a full length mirror is in our rather dark bedroom. And here are my slippers (I really should have arranged my jeans better!)