A Photo an Hour

I enjoy reading these photo-an-hour posts on other people’s blogs, but I always miss what ever is the “official” day, so I decided to do a photo-a-day on a random day.

Thus, it was last Tuesday: I wasn’t working, as one of my students was away on business, another company had cancelled all their lessons, and I wasn’t travelling 80 km to teach one lesson of 1.5 hours – so I cancelled that one. As Mr FD is now in full time training, and I’m in practically fulltime work, the housework has slipped down the list of things we do when we have time, and I knew that on Tuesday I really had to buckle down and do some…

But first things first: 8.00 am

Cats required feeding. Here are Millie and Bib sharing a bowl – which doesn’t happen very often! They obviously both wanted the same flavour cat food!

9.00 am

Straight after feeding the cats I set to, and cleaned the bathroom. After I had finished Jasper came to inspect my work!

10.00 am

Mid bedroom clean-and-tidy, Jasper is back to see how I’m getting on. Just before this shot he’d been outside the bedroom window balancing on the window sill – 3 stories up!

Extra photo, taken at 10.30

I had a sitdown with a coffee and a couple of mini Snickers bars filched from Bonjour World offices. They had an intensive course for young people going on, so chocolate had been provided. I just happened to be passing the plate…

11.00 am

Back to the cleaning! My study got vacuumed and tidied and then the stairs and landing were swept, and washed…


Actually, it was a bit later than 12.00, but never mind! Time for lunch! A bowl of vegetable soup, a chicken rillette and lettuce sandwich and some sweet chilli crisps. Also a large glass of water.

1.00 pm

Yes! Back to the cleaning!! Huzzah! This time it was the kitchen floor getting swept and washed.

2.00 pm

Cleaning finished, I had to sort out my bill for Bonjour World – they do their accounting from 27th of one month to the 26th of the next. Luckily, Mr FD, who designed my billing system, was able to organise the system so it can generate the bill at theright time – as long as I put the students’ lessons in! Which was one of my tasks for this afternoon.

3.00 pm

Still at the computer, but here I think I’m just surfing! Relaxing was required!

4.00 pm

Deciding what to have for dinner – this is an old recipe from a Good Housekeeping magazine. And here’s the tomato sauce being cooked (extra picture!)

5.00 pm

I sat in the living room and read my book (which reminds me, I need to write a review for Net Galley!) The fire had come on – although it’s been unseasonably warm here, as in the UK too, the house still gets chilly in the evening. Well, it is only February, after all!!

6.00 pm

Bib comes to join me. “Isn’t it time you got on with preparing dinner?” she suggests. “Preferably my dinner!”

7.00 pm

Dinner is served. Mine, not Bib’s! With a glass of something red and fruity from Italy!

8.00 pm

Watching “Endeavour” on catch up. I have to say I have really enjoyed all the “Morse” programmes, and its spin-offs. “Morse” was in the 80s/90s, there was “Lewis”, a short series of “Hathaway”, I believe, and then “Endeavour”. I will be sad when Endeavour comes up and meets the beginning of Morse, as it were! For those who don’t know, the Endeavour series shows the early career of the policeman who featured in Morse…so somewhere along the line the timelines will have to meet up!

9.00 pm

Cats required feeding. Yes, I know feeding them on the worksurface isn’t very hygenic, but they do get wiped down. The work surfaces, not the cats!

10.00 pm

We watched an episode of the US sit-com “Community” before bed – although I think I missed some of it, nodding off. With a glass of wine and the warmth of the fire, together with my cleaning efforts, I zizzed my way towards bedtime!

11.00pm I was fast asleep!