Going global…

Yesterday (Friday) I had just one lesson, by computer, so I was able to put a plan I’ve had for a long time into action…

Despite having a dear OH who is talented with computers and websites, and despite him saying “You really should have a website” several times, and despite him being unemployed for a long period of time…Despite all these things, I don’t have a website. While I don’t rely on random people for work, being employed (on a contract basis) by three language schools, I still could do with a little more work. Also, I have lost three students who have finished Lycée this year (although one of them might still be going to have lessons à distance…) so I need to find some replacements. And a website helps.

So yesterday I sat down to design one. I started with Go Daddy, but found that I didn’t like the choice of themes, and I published it by accident before it was ready – and now an unfinished site seems to be floating round the ether. I will recover it though!

So then I went with WordPress – I know the interface better and felt more comfortable using it.

I can present to you ANGLAIS’TUDES It’s not perfect – the contact button doesn’t work! – so I will have to call on Mr FD, but I’m quite pleased with it. I think the French is reasonably okay, as I filched various sentences from two other websites… I also need Mr FD’s help to do special things to get it to appear on Google when people type in various key words.

How irritating!

I have just spent 45 minutes typing a post and then my fat fingers hit a wrong button on my keyboard and it all disappeared…

Never mind, I thought, the WordPress site saves my draft every ten minutes so it will be in draft form. Unfortunately the ten minute “save” period came just after my fat finger disaster, so a blank screen was saved!!

Grr and efferty jeff.

I’ll rewrite it tomorrow -but I feel disinclined to do so now.


Yesterday was definitely my lucky day…or was it?

Yesterday I wrote: “ I’ve just had a phone call that tells me I’ve won something – unfortunately having entered so many free competitions, and the call was on a very bad line, I couldn’t understand what I have won. I asked if they could send me an email… let’s hope I can understand that! I’ll keep you posted!”

And Michelle commented “Do be cautious about phone calls telling you about winning something. After dealing with my dad falling victim to a phishing scam, I am more wary than ever”

Well…the promised email to my “competition email address” (I have one address specifically for entering competitions) never materialised – which makes me think they didn’t have it.

Then – way-hay, lucky me!! – I got another phone call in the evening, telling me I’d won something else …2,000€ worth of something. What a coincidence! Again, I didn’t quite understand what the woman said, so I used the same tack.

“Can you send me an email confirming it, please?” I asked. “You have my email address?”

” fat.dormouse@hotmail.com?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “That’s not my email. I think you are mistaken. It’s not me.”

“Well, give me the correct email address, please”


“Sorry, no, you must want somebody else. Goodbye.”


Obviously the you’ve-won-a-competition phishing scam has reached our area. I’ll simply ask them to confirm my email address before agreeing to anything else – and my “competition email address” is not a very common one, so it’s unlikely they’ll guess it. I am usually careful about giving out information anyway, but thanks to Michelle I was just a little more alert than I might have been usually.

Oh, wait…no, I didn’t…

Techno Idiot

I do quite a lot of phone lessons – I phone the student (or vice versa), we chat a bit about the last week, we look at a text, discuss some grammar, and finish the call. I send them an email with details of what we talked about and something to read for next lesson. Job done.

However, I am taking over a student, who is used to using WebEx for his lessons. I tried to suggest that he used the phone (“I’m having some trouble setting up WebEx”) but he wasn’t having any of that!

I looked at WebEx. It looks complicated. I hid in the corner whimpering.

Then I got all grumpy and Mr FD calmly asked if it was something he could help with.

“Mmmph-y snotty mphfh WebEx poff technology mmmph not fair” I replied.

So patiently, Mr FD  set me up on WebEx  (well, he talked me through it) and then joined himself. Then we  had a “meeting” which was slightly bizarre as he was up in his study, and I could hear him speaking in Real Life before I heard him over the headphones! This was useful to help me find out about some of the features. (I do have to admit that it looks as though it might be kinda useful too. But it’s new and complicated!)

I will have to practise and play about to find out more…but I didn’t want to do that this weekend. I wanted to play with sequins and make cards to sell when I go to Convention in Munich. And watch Strictly Come Dancing on Catch-Up. Grumpy face.

Still, maybe by the time Monday morning and our first WebEx lesson comes round I will be the Techno Whizz-Kid.


Or maybe not…