Promises, promises…

Oh dear, oh dear! What a remiss blogger I have been! I’ve hardly visited blogs, rarely commented and even less frequently posted on my own blog. I have kind of lost my “blogging mojo” but a comment by a new reader has kicked me into action. (The fact that she commented a month ago and I hadn’t noticed did rather shame me!) I am going to try to complete two posts a week. Thank You Connie for the kick up the arse that I needed.

I have a weekly “to do” list, which gives me a modicum of order and also helps me with my anxiety issues. I will add two “Blog Posts” to my weekly list, and will be assiduous at completing them. Mind you, there’s no promises that the posts will be of any interest whatsoever!!

Today I’m squeezing this post in between two lessons, so there’s not much time. So I’ll show you a completed zentangle-inspired-art work (ZIA) I did this for a friend at church who bought a piece of art work at the Silent Auction we had at the community Thanksgiving Dinner.

I took it to church last week to give to him and there discovered it was the last visit to church of Rabab, a young woman from Syria. She has been a good friend for about 4 years, but she has got herself a new job in Paris. I will miss her. So I asked Lee if I could give the cross to her, and I will design another for him. He was perfectly happy with this, so I gave the picture to Rabab instead. I’m meeting her next week for a final “goodbye” dinner in Clermont.

I’m reasonably pleased with it – there are mistakes in the Celtic knot work – I know where! – but in general I’m happy with it. I particularly like the centre motif: often when I do Celtic crosses the central circle looks messy. This one echoes the cross rather neatly and simply, I think.

So now, I will have to work on another for Lee. Which is A Good Thing. I just don’t quite know when I’ll have time to do it!!


8 thoughts on “Promises, promises…”

  1. Hello and thank you for the comment on my blog and the mention in your post. I know from experience how the lull in blogging happens. Plus, time seems to pass so quickly in the meantime. In friendship, Connie xo

  2. Beautiful ZIA – and such a sweet thing to give it to Rahab on both Lee’s and your part! May I suggest a less ambitious goal to start of one post a week? I mean, two is great and I love all your posts, I just know myself getting one per week done is enough of a challenge! Not setting yourself up to fail and all that….

    1. It was complicated, but I find that relaxing as I get totally caught up in doing it. I found this when I had cancer – doing Celtic knotwork meant I couldn’t think about other things!

  3. Lovely cross. I wouldn’t have known there were mistakes. And I still don’t see them. I know what you mean by not blogging regularly. It does take up time. Not just writing it but settings and tags etc take time. Challenges are good. I enjoy them but after a conversation with my spiritual advisor I’ve decided that for now my challenge is to not have a challenge! Look forward to seeing what you post.

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