NaBloPoMo 26: Done it!

I’ve posted every day in November! Well…apart from the first 3 days…but I’m not going into December.

What has it shown me? It’s hard work posting every day. Kudos to those of you who do! I sometimes found it hard to think of anything interesting to say (as I’m sure you noticed!) and fell back on LOL cats or photos from the past.

It’s been nice to have a month’s worth of posts to look back on, but I won’t be doing this again in a hurry. I’ll try not to go weeks without posting, but every day? No, it’s not for me. I may do the odd week’s worth, but that’s all.
And this is a scheduled post. On Wednesday morning I’ll be prepping for my colonoscopy; on Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be having it. Think of me, my friends….


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