I’m finding this more and more!! Both my knees are painful – I’m not sure if it’s arthritis, joint pain brought on by my hormone therapy, wear and tear, or residual pain from all the falls that I have but they are both bad now. Louis, our friend who is a retired doctor, says “With stairs, when you go down, the bad knee should go first, taking you down to hell. When you go up, the good knee goes first, taking you up to heaven!” My problem is, when they’re both bad which goes first?!

I noticed myself grunting more and more (especially getting off the toilet!) on Wednesday after Jean Claude, my physio, had me doing some stretches to loosen my buttock/back/leg muscles. Goodness, it was painful! It showed me how unsupple I really am. I need to do some stretches every day and not think I’ve got better (or other!) things to do.

And as for getting up if I’ve fallen! That really is a palaver now! I find it really painful to kneel, so to get up from the floor, while trying not to kneel is really tricky!

Still, I have my health, and a good health insurance to help pay for the physio (!) so let’s be grateful for that!

6 thoughts on “Uff…oooh…hmph…aww…

  1. I identify with every word you say! Both my knees are wrecks but one was replaced last year. After I had been stuck on the loo for two hours!!!

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