Meal Planning…

Kezzie mentioned she liked my food posts, so here is one, detailing the planned meals (probably will be followed) for the next week. I am trying to plan slightly healthier meals, with a ratio of three meat, three vegetarian and one fish based main meal per week. However, sometimes small amounts of meat find their way into the “vegetarian” meals.

Breakfast is always the same for me: 1 slice of toast with marmalade/jam, half-and-half juice/water, big cup of coffee

Lunch is usually about a quarter of a baguette, with meat or cheese, a handful of crisps, two biscuits and a piece of fruit. Now we’re coming into the colder seasons there may well be a bowl of HM soup to go with it!

Dinner, this week is planned thusly:

TUESDAY: Asian salmon, stir fried vegetables & noodles

TBH, this looks a bit boring – we’re having LOADS of vegetables with it!!!

WEDNESDAY: We’re going to La Poste (restaurant) as a “Goodbye” meal with Friend Cathy. She’s leaving for the UK on Friday, as her 90 days are up.

THURSDAY: Pasta with tomato sauce and roast vegetables

FRIDAY: Bacon and pesto tart, salad, and maybe a few chippies.

SATURDAY: Veggie chilli and tortillas

SUNDAY: Pork tenderloin with apples & balsamic vinegar, hassleback potatoes and vegetables

MONDAY: White fish “paella” (fish & rice, basically)

TUESDAY: Baked potato with beans, cheese and mushrooms.

Yesterday we had a kind of vegetable goulash which was pleasant enough, with quinoa. The box of quinoa said 70g per person, so I duly cooked just under 140g. We are left with half a pan full of the stuff! Certainly too much. I’d say 50g each MAXIMUM! I haven’t cooked quinoa before, but this was okay. I plan to throw the rest into the carrot/parsnip soup I made yesterday.

That was a history…will I never learn, I wonder?! I used my Faux Ninja foodie (which was a bit of a pig in a poke. I don’t use it as much as I ought to for the price!) I put everything in – parsnips, onion, carrots, leek, coconut milk, stock, spoonful of curry paste – put it on “Soup” mode and went to my study to work. It did its thing, but when I got back to it, the pot inside had basically boiled dry. I scraped out the vegetables that were salvageable, zuzzed them, added more stock which made an acceptable soup. To clean the pot of encrusted burnt gunk I put in water and bicarb, and set it to sauté, went to my study to work….When I came back, the pot had boiled dry and NOW there was also encrusted burnt bicarb on the bottom!! Aargh. Happily, with a long soak and a gentle scrub I got all the additional burnt gunk off as well. Hey ho.

6 thoughts on “Meal Planning…

    • As I had put it on “Soup” mode I thought it would be safe – I can only assume that I had not put enough liquid in to form a soup for the amount of vegetables. Still, it wasn’t too difficult to clean in the end, and not too much was wasted.

  1. YAY! I’m honoured! I’m trying not to laugh at the double burning of the soup thing!!! Oops!
    I really enjoyed reading about your meals and it made me hungry!
    Mmmm, salmon and stir fry. Yum!!
    We are so boring with our meals.

  2. That 90 day maximum stay must be a right pain but we chose Brexit. The salmon looks delicious and what a calamity with the soup.

  3. Friend Cathy usually gets a 6 month visa, but didn’t this year, for various reasons. Oh yes, Brexshit is the gift that keeps giving. But I try not to discuss politics here so I will keep my mouth closed!
    The soup calamity ended up being not too calamitous. Just providing extra washing up! 🙂

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