Too Many Vegetables!!

I didn’t use up the vegetables from my veg box quickly enough last week, and didn’t plan very well, so I’m left with a lot of unused veg. This week I’m not getting a box, and hoping to use up the following

  1. 2.5 small white cabbages (I have used half a one)
  2. Half a butternut squash
  3. Two potimarrons (not sure what they are in English)
Potimarron : calories, bienfaits nutritionnels, idées de recettes

4. An aubergine

5. Some limp lettuce leaves (didn’t put them in a plastic box with paper towel)

6. 4 heads of chicory

7. About half a kilo of carrots.

So my planned meals are as follows:

TUESDAY: Vegetable curry & naan bread – using up some of the butternut squash, the aubergine, some carrots and some limp lettuce (in place of spinach)

WEDNESDAY: Steak, chips, salad (freshly bought), coleslaw – using some chicory & carrots in the mix

THURSDAY: Pork & Squash Cobbler (from BBC Good Food

Pork & squash goulash cobbler in a casserole dish

FRIDAY: Pizza & coleslaw (from Wednesday)

SATURDAY: Meatball Stuffed Squash (From BBC Good Food) I may not bother stuffing the squash, but just use the flesh with the meatballs & sauce. The limp lettuce will be included in disguise for spinach.

SUNDAY: Instant Pot Chicken (From Delish magazine), with baked potatoes, and chicory salad

MONDAY: Gratin of White Cabbage and Lentils (BBC Good Food) – but we’ll probably have beans rather than lentils, for preference. I have a tin of mixed bean salad brought from the UK, so we’ll have that.

TUESDAY: Chicken (from Sunday) and squash curry & rice.

Anything still left over will go to feed the Municipal Goats, who live near the Sports Centre. They are always happy to see me and my plastic bag of vegetable peelings.

Feed me! Feed me now!

7 thoughts on “Too Many Vegetables!!

  1. I didn’t used to like it, but actually I find it perfectly acceptable sliced into a stirfry, or used in a coleslaw. I’m not sure about a head of chicory served whole, although, as you probably know, wrapped in ham & served with a bechamel sauce it is popular here.

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