The Gallery is Open

18 thoughts on “The Gallery is Open”

  1. If it is any consolation, I, as Organiser, have not written my blog post yet and am currently on a train to Chelmsford!!! I have photographed them though!! I will write more later but I love your artwork and the writing about them. You know I’m a huge fan of your Zentangles and you will see 2 of yours in my gallery (Ahrgh, the 3rd is AWOL!!) The cat one is my favourite and I really like the first abstract one!!

  2. Lovely paintings, art and photographs. My favourite piece is the penguin entangle you did yourself. I love how it looks 3D. In fact, when I fist spotted it, I thought it might be a photograph of a penguin wire sculpture. I thought it was a penguin made of wires or something like that. Very pretty penguin for sure.

    Btw you can always take better photos and add them on later if you’re not happy with these ones. I waited until the last moment too even if I knew about this thing for a long time. Fortunately, I’m currently on vacation so I managed to snap decent pics but I do get you. Plus, art is harder to photograph then it seems especially when it is behind a glass, like watercolours, photographs and posters tend to be.

  3. Thanks for letting us come in to look at your art. I really like the Alton Abby and the story behind it. I also went on silent retreats and I can relate.
    I like other pieces and like you had difficulty photographing art under glass because of the reflection but at least, we can appreciate their beauty just the same.

  4. Back for a longer look now now I’m not on a train!! I now had a chance to peruse at my leisure and listen to the starry music! Funky! Also, I love what you thought your street name meant- what does it ACTUALLY mean???
    Your friend Alison is obviously a big influence on you artistically! I also think is lovely to have art given by friends as well as art by the owner of the house as well as bought art. You have a beautiful balance.
    The polar bear is lovely! What a shame Pomme broke it! I don’t even remember seeing it when I looked yesterday- I think there were a few images that wouldn’t load!

  5. It’s lovely to see your art and read the stories behind the pieces! I liked the variety in your collection and really like the rockhopper zentangle!

  6. You have some lovely pieces – would be great to see some better shots with more favourable light when time permits

  7. This was a great tour! Thanks for sharing your art with us! I thought that your photos were just fine! I used my cell phone cam to snap my photos as well. 🙂
    I love the black polar bear and the Rockhopper zentangle penguin! Such awesome pieces!
    Love the Monopoly reference at the end of your post!

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