Almost time…

I tend to be quite “regimented” with my Christmas decorations – I always put them up on the afternoon of the second Sunday in Advent, and they come down on the Sunday nearest Epiphany. I almost always put them in the same places too, only changing them if they are in an inconvenient place. For example, my little sitting angels migrated this year from the edge of the mantlepiece (where they got bashed every time we filled the granule burner) to perched on the edge of my candlesticks.

This year I didn’t feel “in the mood” for Christmas, so the decorations didn’t get put up until the third Sunday in Advent – it was also because the second Sunday was quite busy with visitors coming for tea – but once they were up, with the fairy lights twinkling, I felt quite festive.

Here are various decorations from blog swaps over the years. I thought I had other photos but I can’t find them.

But tomorrow is the closest Sunday to Epiphany, and so they’ll be coming down for another year – except for a couple of sets of lights which stay up all year, and some stars that I received as Christmas gifts. Originally we called the house “La Maison des Etoiles” – but dropped the name eventually (although we do have a name plaque up on the gate post) – so, even though we don’t use the name it’s nice to have the stars up.

One thought on “Almost time…

  1. Regimented here too! We generally hold back on the decorating, (apart from Advent Calendars and Christmas crib) until the 23rd December when all visitors can share in the fun. We’ll take them down tomorrow. Love your decoration swap ornaments!

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