Don’t say the C-word!!

Oh my golly gosh!

I’ve done my Christmas shopping!!

We’re going to the UK soon, and we’ll be seeing both sides of the family…so I have bought some nice things on the Eden Project site, and on Namaste Fair Trade and we’ll have them delivered to my MiL’s house. I can wrap them up, and then deliver them directly (or leave them with MiL)!! That will save on postage costs and awkwardness of wrapping things up to post.

All the nephews and nieces are getting Christmas decorations – I’d usually buy these at the Christmas markets, but Jane & I aren’t going this year (for various reasons) Some books for the great nephews and great nieces (save those in Malaysia…) to be purchased in the UK and we’re done!

I think my Christmas present will be money for a new laptop – I need one for work, and mine died back in February-ish. I’ve been using my phone for downloading audio and videos but it’s not very good, really.

How organised am I?!

7 thoughts on “Don’t say the C-word!!

  1. You are definitely very organised. I need to make a start although Mr H thinks it’s far too early. Will have to see what I can find in the Christmas markets in Liverpool and Southport or at a few of the artisan fairs between now and then.

  2. I am smiling as I read this, as I was thinking about starting Christmas shopping this week. Obviously, Mum’s is sorted thanks to you. ❤️

    My laptop is decidedly unwell so my parents are giving me money I think to get a new one. It doesn’t need to be state of the art so hopefully not too hectic price wise. I can then give my old one to KT’s Dad to stick on eBay for me for spares & repairs.

  3. I collect gifts year-round, but some years I’m more successful in stockpiling than others. This year, not so much. I really like those star ornaments!

  4. I laughed when I saw your title- I’ve just been preparing a Powerpoint for school and it’s also called the C word, except that my C word means the compare or contrast connective you need for one of our exam questions! eg Similarly I too have done some Christmas shopping; however mine is in no wise complete!!

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