Book Review: Darkness on the Fens (*** and a half)

I am proud to be  a Twenty-five Reviews or More reviewer on Net Galley.


AND I’m a Top Reviewer, which means 3 or more of my reviews have been added to any NetGalley title details page by a publisher (I bet it wasn’t for any of my 1 star reviews!!)

So I was sent this e-book, free-of-charge (yay!) by NetGalley, in return for an honest review.So here it is


by Joy Ellis

The Net Galley blurb reads:

Do you love addictive detective mysteries? Then try this book by a multiple #1 best-selling author now. You won’t be able to put it down. It’s a totally enthralling read.


Revellers are flocking into Greenborough for the yearly Dark Greenborough Festival, a three-day event celebrating local folklore, superstition and the darker side of life.What the public doesn’t know is that there has been a warning sent to the police, saying that Greenborough will be a very dangerous place this year. The anonymous letter ends with the Latin phrase, Mors certa, hora incerta: Death is certain, the hour uncertain.

DI Nikki Galena and her team soon discover this is no hoax, as people start dying from what appears to be alcoholic poisoning. Things rapidly escalate, and as the deaths get more horrific, Nikki realises they have a serial killer in their midst.

A NIGHTMARE HUNT FOR A KILLER DURING THEIR BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR.Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the heart-stopping ending. This is book ten of the international best-selling books featuring Nikki Galena.

(That’s part of the blurb…it goes on a bit!)

I hadn’t read the other books in the series, so there were a few references to past events that made little sense to me, but they weren’t vital to the story. I found the main characters engaging enough, and the story was fairly gripping. I did find it a little hard to believe that an investigating officer would allow her mum and three friends to take part in the investigation in the way they did – and actually I’m not sure that this added much to the story. Most of what they seemed to do could have been done by any other character.

The motivation behind the murders was a little weak – I could understand why the first murder could be as a result of the motivation (sorry, trying not to give spoilers) but the continued murders…I’m not sure. The start was a bit slow – I was tempted to give up, but am glad I didn’t – and there were places where I felt it was a bit baggy, and could have done with some editing, to speed the action along a little.

I’ll give this 3.5 stars (rounded down, I’m afraid, for Net Galley) but I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to read any others in the series.

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